TitleVest is Now Secured with EagleID™

Because real estate transactions involve a significant amount of personal information, the security of that information is always top of mind. Coming soon, TitleVest will transition to EagleID. With dual authentication and stronger encryption, it gives you greater peace of mind that your transaction details will remain secure. Additionally, with a single login, you can now save your personal data across the TitleVest site and Payment Portal, our CE/CLE website, and myFirstAm® for a more seamless and streamlined experience.

Starting June 3rd 2019, you will be prompted to complete
a one-time sign-up to establish your updated account

Need help creating an account? See our step-by-step guide

If you experience any issues with EagleID, please contact
your TitleVest account representative or our dedicated
support team at support@titlevest.com or 646.429.3100

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I still view my previous orders?
All previous orders will automatically transfer to your newly created EagleID account.

Why do I need to validate my email and phone number?
For added security, it is required that you validate your identity before completing your EagleID account.

Will my office/team still be able to share a single login?
No. To ensure the security of your account, each person will need their own secure account and login.

What if I have multiple accounts?
Contact your TitleVest account representative at support@titlevest.com or call 646.429.3100.