See what our clients have to say.

Congratulations on your success! TitleVest has grown tremendously since I first became a client many years ago, but you somehow still provide the same exceptional care and personal attention to my deals and to me. You have a great organization and everyone is accessible, prompt, and extremely helpful.
Thomas Furst, Esq.
Hughes Hubbard & Reed, LLP

You guys are fantastic. Never before in my 25 year career have I gotten a title report the same day, even when the company was previously on the property. Keep it up, you are making me a believer!
Jeffrey Moerdler, Esq.
Mintz Levin Cohn Ferris Glovsky and Popeo, PC

To me, the thing that sets TitleVest apart from other companies is the quick response time. Orders large and small get dealt with quickly and counsel and clearance officers always get back to you. I also love the email notifications when documents are received and recorded, they make it a lot easier to stay organized.
Peter Massa, Esq.
Gallet Dreyer& Berkey, LLP

I've had the pleasure of working with TitleVest for over 10 years. On a daily basis, they support my law firm with the highest level of competence, professionalism and courtesy. Their commitment to developing innovative technoligies saves us hours every day and their ability to handle spikes in volume and rush files, makes them a great business partner who always comes through for us. From senior management to support staff, they demonstrate, file by file, why they are a leader in providing title and related services.
Christopher Gulotta, Esq.
Gulotta Law

I admire anyone who takes pride in their job and finds it important to do it well. I would like to thank Eric McGivern in the closing department for going the extra mile and taking the time to handle a difficult situation with patience and professionalism. He went above and beyond what he needed to do and came up with proactive and creative solutions in order to accomplish his goal. I would also like to thank Titlevest for being a company that instills and supports that culture in their employees.
Jodi Johnson, Esq..
Kranjac Tripodi & Partners LLP

I appreciate TitleVest's quick turnaround time on matters big and small as well as the friendly and knowledgeable staff. I know that when I order from TitleVest I will receive personal attention and high quality service and that is why I keep coming back.
Herman Lipkis, Esq.
Cullen and Dykman LLP

I think TitleVest is great! You get the lien searches and reports back to us in no time and your website is excellent! I like that I can find prior work that you have done for me online, so I can look back as needed. Thanks for everything.
Jacqueline Sadow, Esq.
Harris Beach

I have been ordering UCC searches & title reports from TitleVest since I began working in NYC in 2007. I have always found TitleVest's representatives to be responsive, knowledgeable, pleasant and accommodating. Every search has been delivered promptly and the content has always been correct. I would strongly recommend TitleVest to anyone and have always been pleased with their services.
Brendan Mahoney
Kriss & Feuerstein LLP

The service at TitleVest is spectacular. TitleVest has low fees and the staff is extremely efficient. Not only are you guys fast at providing us with title reports, lien searches and clearance, your entire staff is overly polite and quick to respond to any concerns that need addressing via phone or email. It is also very easy to access all of our orders and request contins via your website. We highly recommend your title company.
Douglas Moyal, Esq.
Mavrides, Moyal & Associates

I have been using TitleVest for almost 8 years! Handling many real estate transactions wouldn't be so easy without ACRISasap! The user-friendly interactive portal helps me generate my documents not only with ease but quickly! With the links and online services TitleVest provides, reviewing title reports couldn't be any easier. It helps transactions run smoother, keeps all parties in the loop and makes creating necessary documents a breeze. I couldn't do it without TitleVest! TitleVest is outstanding!
Joanne DiMeo Renna
Robinson Brog Leinwand Greene Genovese & Gluck, P.C.

I have had the pleasure of utilizing TitleVest numerous times and have appreciated much more than just their ability to provide high quality title insurance. Time and time again, TitleVest demonstrates how well in touch they are to both the residential and commercial real estate industries. TitleVest uses their creativity and connections to assist their clients in expanding their relationships as well as giving them better access to deal flow and information. When it comes to title insurance, there is TitleVest, and then there is everyone else!
Evan Fox, Esq.
Platzer, Swergold, Karlin, Levine, Goldberg & Jaslow, LLP

Competition in today's economy is fierce and customers know this. All title companies sell similar products or services at competitive prices. But there is one key ingredient that sets TitleVest apart from all the rest - providing extraordinary service. TitleVest offers solutions - not arguments; they always go the extra mile.
Caren Matyckas
Bryan Cave LLP

The best thing about TitleVest is I know that once I give them an order, my job is finished and I don't have to worry about the filing.
Charles Fiore, Esq.
Lewis & Fiore Esqs.

Thank you for sparing me the agony of preparing my own forms on ACRIS. The TitleVest associates are very pleasant and knowledgeable too.
Debbie Goldman, Esq.
Paul Hastings

Thanks as always for your hard work on this deal. Regardless of size, complexity, or location, we always feel as if our deals are a top priority to the TitleVest team and we love working with you guys. Thanks again.
Top 40 Law Firm

I have been using TitleVest services for approximately four years, and have been a true believer all along. The approach to customer service is outstanding. I have had more than one occasion that required multiple (from 5 to 26) title transfer transactions on entirely too short time frames. I have become more and more reliant on TitleVest for these transactions and have referred colleagues from other firms to put themselves in concert with the most competent and efficient title resource company. As my perspective is essentially transaction based, it is truly the best combination I could have. As a small fish in a big pond, I gladly take any opportunity to push the level of excellence that is instilled in the work of this real estate services organization.
Deirdre Rogan

TitleVest has a great site. There is so much helpful information and if you can't find what you need, the staff is always available!
Susana Iannicelli
Guggenheim Commercial Real Estate Finance, LLC

What I love best about TitleVest is the ease of use of your website, from beginning of the deal to the preparation of the closing documents, to post-closing. In addition, you schedule the closing online and order the continuation search for the date of closing. Full service and the ease of your interactive website are what are best about TitleVest.
Linda Gates, Esq.
Platzer, Swergold, Karlin, Levine, Goldberg & Jaslow, LLP

Your team continues to be a pleasure to deal with and extremely helpful when needed on matters that I would not necessarily expect a title company to have information so readily availabole. This is what continues to put TitleVest as a top choice in the title business.
Bryan W. Kishner, Esq.
Kishner & Miller

TitleVest customer service representatives are always on the ball. They quickly respond and address any problems or concerns. I love TitleVest's website and interactive title reports. The website features great information and helpful links. The interactive title reports allow me to access the title report from wherever I am which is extremely helpful. TitleVest is on the cutting edge of title work.
Peter Nenadich, Jr., Esq.
Smith, Buss & Jacobs, LLP

I can summarize TitleVest as follows: prompt and friendly service, extremely knowledgeable staff, very useful website with almost all needed forms. A superior title company all around!
Allan Goodridge, Esq.
Schnader Harrison Segal & Lewis LLP

ACRISasap allows me to complete transfer tax forms in minutes, it's the best way to get tax forms done.
Andrew Freedland, Esq.
Rosen Livingston & Cholst LLP

Aside from your other services, I love your online ACRIS service. It is very easy to use and I am able to obtain ACRIS documents quickly and at no additional charge!
Christopher Ulto, Esq.
Berkman, Henoch, Peterson, Peddy & Fenchel, P.C.

What I love about TitleVest is their responsiveness and technology. I don't just get an answer or document requested, there is always a follow-up phone call to make sure I have everything I need. The technology is great; I have even had a representative walk me through a process!
Deborah Bobb
Pitta & Giblin LLP

I use TitleVest for all of my ACRIS preparation. Its response time and attention is like having a partner sitting in my office.
Edmund Schaffzin, Esq.
Scarola Malone & Zubatov LLP

TitleVest offers prompt service and their technology platform helps to make review of title efficient.
Euchung Ung, Esq.
Kleinberg, Kaplan, Wolff & Cohen, P.C.

I am extremely happy with the service TitleVest provides for Coop lien searches, UCC filings and due diligence. Turnaround time is fast and efficient and all filings are accurate. I love being able to do everything online, it's a real time saver. I recommend TitleVest to all attorneys.
Eva Broit
Siegel & Reiner, LLP

I like TitleVest's incredibly fast response and helpful, responsible staff. Top notch technology makes it work for clients and attorneys.
Howard Grossman, Esq.
Goldstick, Weinberger, Feldman & Grossman, P.C.

I've been meaning to write to TitleVest to express my appreciation of your website. It's my "go to" for transactional documents, calculations and offering plan searches or requests. I love that your site is so accessible and makes my job a little easier. Thank you!
Josephine Vitiello
Davidoff Hutcher & Citron LLP

There is something unique about TitleVest in the very crowded field of search and title companies. It is the most user-friendly and easy company to work with on various problems. Everyone is always helpful and knowledgeable.
Midge Nutman, Esq.
Ellenoff Grossman & Schole LLP

Very few companies can deliver 100% of the time, TitleVest is one of those few!!
Patricia Luisi
Jacobi, Sieghardt, Bousanti, Piazza & Fitzpatrick, P.C.

Besides the excellent technology and overall great service, what really sets TitleVest apart from other title companies is the people. Whenever there is an unusual issue or question, the staff is always responsive and knowledgable. Great Company!
Renee Silver, Esq.
Tannenbaum Helpern Syracuse & Hirschtritt

My department and I have had a very positive experience with your company and will continue to give you our business in the future. I have recommended your services to most of our clients and have emphasized to them that your company is able to file UCCs electronically within hours. Also, whenever we are having an issue with a lien search or a title commitment your office solves the problem effortlessly. Whether I contact your office at 9:00am or 5:45pm, your staff is always extremely helpful and courteous. Thank you for the great service!!!!
Rita Giurbino
Sweeney, Gallo, Reich & Bolz, LLP

Very simple: TitleVest's co-op ACRIS preparation and filings are executed flawlessly; in those cases where I have had to amend ACRIS forms, any changes are made immediately.
Steven Tanenbaum, Esq.
Solomon & Tanenbaum, P.C.

Though I was the attorney for the Seller on a particular co-op sales transaction, TitleVest was extremely accommodating particularly with respect to the ACRIS filing. Not only was it free but, more importantly, TitleVest made the process much easier than I have experienced with other title companies. In the future, when representing a purchaser, I would not hesitate to utilize the services of TitleVest for the lien search or the title search, depending on the particular transaction.
Stuart Sugarman, Esq.
Hinman, Howard & Kattell, LLP

Hands down, the online document delivery system and truly paperless process makes TitleVest stand out from its peers. I can't recall how many times I have had to send out copies of title binders, or emails with oversized attachments that continually get bounced. The TitleVest online system not only simplifies my life in this regard, it smooths out an unnecessary wrinkle in the process and allows us continued access to these documents later.
Yaakov Sheinfeld, esq.
Allen & Overy LLP

Congrats to TitleVest on the patent! ACRIS preparation, which used to take at least 30-45 minutes, has become much easier since the advent of TitleVest's ACRISasap. I have found it to be extremely user friendly and a very efficient use of my legal time. Great job to TitleVest for putting it together.
Michael Xylas, Esq.
Abrams Garfinkel Margolis Bergson, LLP

When I previously used the City's ACRIS website to prepare my transfer tax documents it would take me an hour to 2 hours to complete due to the constant issues with the NYC ACRIS website. However when I saw that TitleVest had a section in their website where one can prepare the ACRIS docs I was extremely excited because the process was so easy. I would spend less than 30 minutes to prepare transfer docs and had the option of either getting them printed for free or having TitleVest prepare them and pay a very small fee. I usually opt for the lather because I would be notified by TitleVest as to when the transfer documents have been recorded. TitleVest is awesome!!
Antoinette Ortiz-Lancaster
Kane Kessler, P.C.

Prior to using ACRISasap, rather than spending a ridiculous amount of time on the city site which crashed and took forever to use, I was ordering the ACRIS from the title company and having my clients pay the extra bill. ACRISasap takes less than 5 minutes to complete and my clients and our firm thank you.
Ellen Marks, Esq.
Raphael & Marks

I am happy to advise you that I am very pleased with the ACRISasap preparation function offered by TitleVest. I would say that when I use TitleVest to create my ACRIS forms, I probably have the forms completed in less than 10 minutes, depending upon how much looking through my file I need to do to find the social security numbers, etc. Prior to using TitleVest to create my ACRIS documents, it would take no less than 30 minutes to create my ACRIS documents on the City's ACRIS site. I would also oftentimes have difficulty if I wanted to edit my documents.
Jack Slepian, Esq.
Pollak & Slepian, L.L.P.

As you know, in the real estate and foreclosure business, the oft-used cliché rings true: time is money. Having a great title company like TitleVest to rely upon, a company that understands that efficiency and accuracy are important, makes my life as a foreclosure and real estate attorney that much easier. Knowing that I can trust the information I receive allows me to focus on other areas of the fast-paced practice and keeps my clients happy. That is a hallmark of a very good business.
Graig Zappia, Esq.
Block, Colucci, Spellman & Peller LLP

When I discovered your website, it was a godsend. I practically live on the Internet and being able to order and access the title reports & lien searches, update information and schedule closings all online has saved me countless hours of calling and waiting on hold as I have to do with most title companies. But perhaps the greatest aspect of the online website is the ACRISasap. Dealing with the flawed and unintuitive DOF ACRIS website is a chore; TitleVest's ACRISasap completely simplifies the process. It is something so intuitive; I can even train lawyers to use it. It is nice to have someone in the industry who knows what we do on a daily basis and tries to streamline and simplify it for us. Thank you for your efforts and I look forward to continually working with you.
Chris Sade
Cohen & Frankel, LLP

Here I am, a real estate paralegal highly trained with twenty years of experience in New Jersey closings and one of our New York attorneys brings in a New York co-op contract. Fortunately, the seller's attorney recommended TitleVest to me. I was literally walked through the entire closing process by the qualified staff and praised by the attorney at the time of closing. From that day forward, almost three years ago, you cannot convince me to try anyone else. Their website provides me with all documents necessary, easy access and constant updates as the Federal and State forms change. As we all know, real estate can be a loss leader unless we expedite our procedures and utilize whatever outside source is available to limit the time spent on each file. TitleVest is that outside source - it has made title closings a profitable part of our business.
Sandra McGinnis, Esq.
Johnson, Murphy, Hubner, McKeon, Wubbenhorst, Bucco & Appel, PC

All I can say is that you guys are the best. My office is a very busy one and very demanding of my time. It is so comforting to know that I can depend on you and get immediate and thorough results. I thank you all for your expertise, kindness and courtesy. I look forward to calling upon you for my future title needs.
Arlene Wright
Cullen and Dykman LLP

The other day, I was talking to another lawyer who needed to do some ACRIS forms, and I started raving about you guys and told him how simple your site was, whether he did it himself or used your people to complete your forms. This was not the first time I have passed this (not-so-secret anymore) secret on, and it won't be the last. I really do appreciate not only the forms, but being able to quickly whip up closing costs for clients and other lawyers with a simple punch of a few keys. You guys really are terrific! Thanks again for making my life easy - I will continue to sing your praises!!
Sally Semonite, Esq.
Satterlee Stephens Burke & Burke LLP

Thank you! Just wanted to thank you and everyone at TitleVest for all of your efforts on behalf of the refinancing of the borrower. You helped me meet an extremely tight deadline (1 week from start to finish). I very much appreciate it, and so does our client.
Kim Trigoboff
Hofheimer Gartlir & Gross, LLP

Once again, TitleVest saves the day! A great job from all involved, you really saved my behind on this one!! You have a helluva crew over there!
Thomas Kain, Jr.
Bee Ready Fishbein Hatter & Donovan, LLP

TitleVest is the best!
Tina Leblond, Esq.
Certilman, Balin, Adler & Hyman, LLP

It is always my pleasure to comment on and recommend TitleVest's excellent services. TitleVest's ACRISasap has become my "secret weapon" in the continual battle to provide efficient and cost effective service to clients. Setup is simple, a quick 5 minutes and the documents are emailed to me within the hour. Last minute changes and revisions are a snap with the capable and courteous staff always ready to assist. TitleVest with innovative ACRISasap puts the "service" in customer service!
Barbara Boyer
Seyfarth Shaw LLP

I have been a loyal TitleVest customer for years, as both a bank and a transactional attorney. They are always helpful, prompt, responsive and thorough. Their customer service is terrific, their website is very user friendly -- even for a non-technical person, such as myself, and they are always there to answer questions to ensure all title matters are handled smoothly. Furthermore, their new offering plan library is a great resource and I often get the plans delivered within 24 hours. It could not be easier!
Karen Masuko, Esq.
Katz and Matz, PC

TitleVest is far and away my favorite title company to deal with. As a bank attorney who is inundated with title reports all day long, there are two ways to make my job easier; organization and service. TitleVest not only succeeds at both, but they go far beyond. Being able to access reports on their website makes it simple to review, send the report to banks or other attorneys, and saves me the time of printing, scanning, and emailing myself. When it comes to service, they are top-notch. There is always someone to respond with an invoice, to answer a question and to deal with the many issues that can arise at or prior to a closing. When I receive a deal and see the title was done by TitleVest I can be rest assured that at least one part of the transaction will run smoothly, and in today's market, that is invaluable. Thanks guys!
Michael Zadjelovich, Esq.
Katz and Matz, PC

TitleVest has always been on the technological cutting edge and always ahead of the curve. Can't imagine a more user-friendly website. Keep up the good work!
Alan Katz, Esq.
Katz & Katz, P.C.

TitleVest's intuitive website and knowledgeable staff are incomparable.
Melissa Salvado, Esq.
O'Hare Parnagian LLP

We have been using TitleVest for years. We have always found them to be quick, reliable and accurate. The staff is always willing to help us with any questions we may have and/or with any complicated situations that might arise. Using the online program is a real life saver and having a company who is always expanding their technology and the services that they can offer to their clients is the one of the many reasons that we are constantly choosing TitleVest to prepare our reports/ACRIS/Lien Searches etc. Thanks TitleVest and we look forward to many more years of excellent service!
Wendy Bloom
Olshan Frome Wolosky LLP

I have been working in the business for over 10 years, and I love TitleVest. The title reports and lien searches are great. They are very easy to read and accessible online. The website is easy to navigate. I can place orders online or by email. I always get confirmations of my orders right away. Everyone is very responsive and helpful. Once in a while, I need IT help and they are able to figure out my problem. Any chance I get, I order from TitleVest.
Tracy Tam
Kammerman Associates, LLP

I like the format of TitleVest reports (particularly with regard to coops) and the ease of ordering and receiving them by email.
Beth Spickler, Esq.
Schlesinger Gannon & Lazetera LLP

Dealing with TitleVest is a breath of fresh air. When you have 3 last minute closings at the end of the month, all you want is your title bills and that's what you get and more! Everyone I've dealt with is friendly, courteous and amazingly professional. I love when I see one of TitleVest's titles in my files -- I know the last part of the closing process for me (scheduling) will go smoothly. Looking forward to working more with you in the new year!
Doreen Harris
Reilly, Like & Tenety

I only use TitleVest since I began using them a number of years ago. They are always fast and extremely reliable. I know I can count on them to answer any questions regarding a transaction I am working on and they are always extremely pleasant and efficient. When you are a busy attorney, those qualities are greatly appreciated in assisting you to satisfy your clients.
Marybeth Hotaling, Esq.
Cohen, Hurkin, Ehrenfeld, Pomerantz, & Tenenbaum, LLP

I have been using TitleVest.com for 8 years and find that it is a great tool. I am a Legal Secretary and also a Real Estate Salesperson therefore I use TitleVest.com twofold. I am able to quickly fill out the necessary forms for recording closing documents and it notifies me when there are major changes in the laws regarding my state. I use TitleVest extensively in my Real Estate Business in every aspect necessary. And TitleVest's Interactive Online Report is an interactive portal for reviewing title reports and managing the preclosing, closing and post-closing processes. What more can you ask for? Thank goodness for TitleVest.
Olivia Harris
Judy, Miller & O'Connor, P.C.

I am a new user/customer of TitleVest but I have been in the real estate industry for over ten years. Throughout my career and title experience, I have never experienced such great services from any other title company as I received from TitleVest. TitleVest made ordering title easy with their website. I can easily check my order status online and receive the title report within a few days rather than a few weeks with the other title companies. I appreciate the email from TitleVest notifying me when the title report is ready rather than me chasing the title companies for the report. Thank you TitleVest for your excellent services. I look forward to working with you in the future.
Shirley Yip
Kee & Lau-Kee, PLLC

TitleVest has been successful meeting all of my title needs electronically without the burdensome need for human interface. When you do need to speak with someone, a representative is readily available with a courteous and professional response.
Thomas Decea, Esq.
Danzig Fishman & Decea

What I love the most about TitleVest is the ease of service. Their turnaround time is phenomenal! I'll call with a title request and I get it back within a day; their technology is perfect for my industry. Their prices are very good and their customer service is heaven! I don't use any other title company.
Valerie Peck
Cohen Clair Lans Greifer & Thorpe LLP

A few of the things I like most about TitleVest are the ease in which you can navigate the website and its interactive nature and available forms prove invaluable to me in the course of a day. Overall, TitleVest makes my job easier!
Andrea Duncliffe
McDermott Will & Emery LLP

TitleVest has become THE ONE company that I cannot do without when it comes to Real Estate transactions. Their pricing is very fair, plenty of services offered with fast, reliable, expert help. Their website is simple to navigate.They go the extra mile for you in making your work day just a bit easier. Their representatives are pleasant and knowledgeable. I can honestly say that when I place an order with TitleVest, I am never disappointed.
Courtney Solomine
Brill & Meisel

TitleVest's technology = speed and simplicity for its customers.
Eric Goldberg, Esq.
Kahn & Goldberg, LLP

Talk about "one-stop shopping", TitleVest has it all! Concise and accurate searches, knowledgeable staff and friendly service. Simply stated, you can't go wrong with TitleVest.
Eric Horowitz, Esq.
Zane and Rudofsky

TitleVest is a pleasure to work with. They are extremely responsive, always courteous, and keep records of all orders on their website, so it's easy to access reports or updates. We also just started using them for UCC filing, and their turnaround time is much faster than any other service we've used.
Erin Bellows, Esq.
The Sarcone Law Firm, PLLC

Exceptional customer service! I can't say enough about the staff a TitleVest. The service they provide our business is the absolute best. They are always prompt, always professional and always proactive. They are knowledgeable and experienced in the Title industry, and we can always trust them to provide the most efficient product and the highest quality service. They understand the needs of our business, and have helped us to move forward over the years. With TitleVest, we get fast response time, experienced and trusted professionals, and best of all, peace of mind.
Gayla Benak, Esq.
Zaccaria & Sasson

The best part of TitleVest is its simplicity and ease of use. Extremely user friendly and great customer service.
Jason Reska, Esq.
Kaplan Fox & Kilsheimer, LLP

TitleVest has been an invaluable partner to our law firm. The speediness and accuracy of their Judgment and Lien searches and Title Reports has greatly assisted our firm by allowing us to schedule closings in an efficient and timely matter. The online access and integration of all reports from TitleVest has helped save our firm time and allowed our firm to become more efficient because all of TitleVest's reports can be accessed by our attorneys on the go and at offsite locations. The use of the ACRISasap feature on the website has also provided our firm with a quick, easy and efficient service to prepare necessary transfer documents for real estate closings. TitleVest's staff communication is also extremely valuable and efficient. Any question or concern is addressed in a quick manner whether through an email or a phone call.
Matthew Goldberg, Esq.
Hankin & Mazel, P.L.L.C.

There is no doubt in my mind that TitleVest is the best 'one stop shopping' title company. As a real estate paralegal for the past 18 years, I have worked with numerous title companies and cannot remember working with any company that provides every type of support - both live and via e-mail - to enable a smooth transition to closing. Patience, an outstanding level of professionalism, helpful suggestions and/or alternatives to potential problems, forms and timely delivery of all requested information is what any company should be delivering these days. TitleVest does just that!
Michele Phillips
Danziger & Markhoff LLP

We have had a relationship with TitleVest for the past 2 years. Your company now stocks all of our companies' Offering Plans for the buildings we manage. Not only is this a green and space saving solution for our office, but our clients love the ease of going online, reviewing the offering plan and downloading and printing it out as needed. It also saves our staff the copying and mailing tasks and the burden of finding space for multiple copies of each book. Your staff is always helpful in locating those rogue books that are ostensibly MIA (and I may add, they are always located)! Emailing updated amendments is a pleasure and has eliminated the problem of copying and inserting same into our formally held 'hard copy' volumes. Thank you TitleVest for allowing this Managing Agents office to spend more time doing what we should be... serving our shareholders and Boards of Directors!
Mindy Mintz
Mark Greenberg Real Estate

I value TitleVest for its employees' professionalism -- no matter which department I contact and no matter how small the issue. For my clients, I value your speed in generating reports and your willingness to go above and beyond ordinary service. For example, I have attended closings where the responsible party did not prepare ACRIS transfer tax returns. I called TitleVest to place the order, continued our business at closing, and in no time, returns were emailed to our closing table. ACRISasap and the offering plan database have also been valuable tools in our practice.
Robert Zanetti, Esq.
Hanley & Goble LLP

I love knowing that I can rely on TitleVest for all of our Co-op searches. They are completed quickly and at a reasonable cost for our clients. In addition, their system to generate ACRIS filings is terrific and their customer service is outstanding; when we handle a NYC closing having your guidance is invaluable. Thank you!
Rosemarie Muscolo
Cohn & Spector

The customer service at TitleVest is the best. All the staff that I work with are continuously serving us professionally and sincerely at all times.
Rownak Ahmed
Chehebar, Deveney & Phillips, LLP

I prepare transfer docs for real estate closings on a constant basis, and always went to the NYC ACRIS website, until I had a closing with a TitleVest closer who suggested I use the TitleVest website to prepare the transfer docs. What took me about 25 minutes to complete on the NYC website took me about 8 minutes on the TitleVest website. It is so easy and uncomplicated. The UCC-3 feature that brings up the UCC being terminated when you put in the CRFN number is the greatest. I use TitleVest for all my closings and I also have recommended it to my coworkers! Thanks TitleVest for making a tedious task very simple and easy!
Shalana Walsh
Sweeney, Gallo, Reich and Bolz, LLP

Great service; prompt; accurate; responsive to unusual requests; friendly and informed staff; easy to access information online.
Steven Prager, Esq.
Krieger & Prager LLP

TitleVest is an invaluable resource in my practice. It provides cost-efficient resources for my clients, including transfer-tax preparation and filing, which help me deliver the best value possible. TitleVest's staff is knowledgeable and friendly, and they are consistently a pleasure to work with.
Tom Gerrity, Esq.
Merle, Brown & Nakamura, P.C.

TitleVest is the best in service and technology because it is the only title company that I know that sends me the search reports by email. To me that is always a plus because I can keep it in my computer system and conserve paper at the same time. They are always on time and their service is professional and efficient.
Vincenta Masso
Samson Fink & Dubow LLP

TitleVest stands out from other title companies by the rapidity of their responses and their follow up. On a coop closing I was impressed with their correction and reimbursment of UCC filing fees which I had inadvertently overpaid.
William Eddy, Jr., Esq.
Owen & Eddy

I like TitleVest's lien search and ACRIS preparation and filing services because it is speedy, reliable and efficient, not mentioning the outstanding customer services TitleVest provides. We get immediate attention and assistance whenever we call TitleVest.
Yao Fu Bailey, Esq.
Menaker & Herrmann LLP

It usually takes my office under ten (10) minutes to prepare transfer documents using TitleVest's ACRISasap program versus at least 30 minutes using the regular ACRIS website, plus the ease of use of your program versus that of the regular ACRIS is incomparable.
Aleksandr Cherny, Esq.
Cherny & Podolsky, PLLC

I recall spending upwards of 45 minutes on the NYC ACRIS system and only 2 or 3 minutes on TitleVest's ACRISasap. ACRISasap has saved me a significant amount of time over the years, and consequentially it has saved my clients money. Best of all, it's offered by TitleVest free of charge. The NYC Department of Finance should have just hired TitleVest's crack technology team to design their ACRIS system in the first place.
Eugene Krukas, Esq.
Krukas & Suh

When the City of New York implemented the ACRIS system it was described as a "user friendly" data input system. For me I never found it to be "friendly". I remember the first time I tried to use the City's system I was truly excited about the new technology, over two hours later and after finally speaking to someone at the City, I realized, as an Attorney I would never get compensated by my clients for two hours additional time for something that used to take me 25 minutes to complete by hand/typewriter. The system was anything but friendly, I did not understand why it made you go through all the entry pages, even those that did not pertain to the transaction to get to the end. Luckily, I was introduced to TitleVest ACRISasap at the very beginning. The ACRISasap system is everything ACRIS should be. TitleVest has successfully streamlined ACRIS for most transactions. I consider myself adept at learning new technology, however, if it wasn't for ACRISasap I am pretty sure ACRIS may have forced me to other practice areas. TitleVest has been an invaluable partner which I have come to rely upon when it comes to the City of New York's Automated Registry System.
Stuart Serota, Esq.
Kaufman & Serota, P.C.

What a time and labor saving device your ACRISasap service was, as well as a cure for the frustration in having to read, understand and comply with the City's instructions. It took two to three hours to prepare the first time (after instruction) and an hour to an hour and a half to read, review and comply after that. What a service! I just ordered it, and practically simultaneously, it was done. And when I couldn't understand it, your wonderful staff was there to help. You have helped an old dog learn a new trick! Thanks.
Marvin Schiff, Esq.
Marvin Evan Schiff, P.C.

Prior to using TitleVest's ACRISasap's trade technology, it would take the secretaries practically a day to complete the ACRIS forms. Now they can do it in an hour. Thank you for your innovation.
John Sotirakis, Esq.
Coritsidis, Sotirakis & Saketos PLLC

I have been a loyal customer of TitleVest, ordering lien searches for coop closings and using your ACRISasap technology since the day it was introduced to this world. The program is amazing as it allows you to create transfer tax forms within just a few minutes. The program is very easy to use, especially for arm-length, straight-forward transactions, which most of our deals are. Doing the same forms through the City's ACRIS website requires 10 times more time. Most of the times however it will take not only more time but also additional computers. The glitches of ACRIS would make me change to three different computers in my office just to finish the forms. I thank TitleVest for this wonderful software. It saves time, takes off the pressure and helps closing attorneys in their day-to-day busy schedule. I remain, yours truly.
Igor Dodin, Esq.
Dodin & Fishkin, PLLC

When we did not use Titleest's ACRISasap, the amount of time that it would take to complete ACRIS forms would range from 15 minutes to hours. When we would prepare ACRIS on our own, typically problems would arise. The problems which could not be cured after 20 - 30 minutes of "online" frustration, often required phone calls to the New York City Register, waiting for a supervisor and hoping that the problem could be solved quickly. With TitleVest's ACRISasap this is no longer the case. I have required that my paralegals prepare all of our ACRIS forms using TitleVest's ACRISasap website. With ACRISasap there is tremendous savings of time and energy. ACRISasap's interface is easy and intuitive, so there rarely is a problem and if one should arise you fix it. Sometimes we are given the wrong information from the buyer's attorneys (e.g., incorrect buyer's social security number), a quick call to TitleVest and revised forms appear almost instantaneously. For preparation of ACRIS documents I always (and only) recommend TitleVest.
Richard Dickler, Esq.
Dickler & Roth, LLP

It used to take approximately 45 minutes to an hour and now it takes less than less than 10 minutes. TitleVest's ACRISasap is a time-saving tool that enhances my ability to effectively represent my clients in the most efficient manner possible. ACRISasap is yet another example which proves TitleVest is on the cutting edge.
Richard Abend, Esq.
Abend & Silber, PLLC

I've been using TitleVest's ACRISasap almost since its inception. Generating the docs on the City's web site took (typically) 30 - 35 minutes, mostly owing to the need to enter the same information multiple times. ACRISasap takes about 10 minutes. The best testimonial - I recently had a call from a colleague asking how I generated my ACRIS docs. I didn't hesitate and in fact, my immediate response was one word - TitleVest.
Griffith Denoyelles, Jr., Esq.
Chernofsky & Denoyelles, Attorneys at Law

We heartily endorse the Coop/Condo Due Diligence Service Report service offered by TitleVest. We have found the report to be thorough and to be delivered promptly. It is, as well, as an enormous time-saver. Not substituting for attorney attention to the client's matter but rather to enhance it, the report is a great innovation. For example: recently, our client used the report to perform business decision triage on his purchase - ultimately deciding NOT to proceed to contract based on the material discovered in the TitleVest report. Thus, we were able to provide counsel to our client without the significant loss-leader expense of our making a personal appearance at the managing agent's office. Kudos to TitleVest!
Edward Reiner, Esq.
Reiner Reiner & Reiner, LLP

In 2007, we closed the sale of a portfolio of 26 investment properties in three boroughs totaling around $125MM. TitleVest assisted us with deed and ACRIS preparation. Your speed and professionalism was second-to-none, and we could not have closed without you.
Caitlin Coan
Ellenoff Grossman & Schole LLP

I must tell you that I have done nothing but rave about your website since yesterday when I used it for the first time. I have been struggling with the City of New York's ACRIS website for months. It has taken up so much of my time entering the information onto their ACRIS website, not to mention the time and money it has cost our clients. After using TitleVest yesterday morning (after being told of it by another paralegal in another office), I was absolutely amazed. I filled out ONE page with the basic information requested and I had all the documents required for the transfer of the co-op. I could not believe it. Since using it yesterday morning, I have gone to TitleVest several more times yesterday afternoon and this morning -- not necessarily for ACRIS, but for my Executor's Deeds and TP-584's. It has saved me hours of work. Thanks again for making this website available to the public WITHOUT CHARGE. I will recommend it to every real estate secretary and paralegal I come in contact with.
Gail Drucker
Moritt Hock Hamroff & Horowitz LLP

TitleVest was the title company used in a co-op purchase for one of our clients. After the closing, and probably an ulcer on the purchaser's part, the bank contacted the bank attorney and informed her that they had lost the paperwork for the loan that was submitted and it INCLUDED TitleVest's lien search with errors and omissions. This was NOT a good thing and when the bank attorney called me to inform me of this and asked if I could help, I saw that the title company was TitleVest and I was sure at that point that I would have no problem. With this said, I have to tell you that TitleVest is number ONE in my book and your employees there are SO wonderful and amazing that I cannot possibly think of another title company that would have been so efficient, so kind and so compassionate to someone else's dilemma. I have told EVERYONE about this story and will continue to do so for a long time. It just amazes me that your staff was so on the ball and came through for all of these people in a matter of one day!!!!
Julie Algieri
Klapper & Klapper, P.C.

We have used and recommended TitleVest to others. I have found them to be one of most affordable, efficient and competent providers of lien searches and title insurance.
Lenny Amodeo
Keane & Beane, PC

TitleVest continually exceeds my expectations with their prompt response to requests, utmost professional and technology that makes ordering title effortless. It is a pleasure doing business with them.
Laura Vanderbrook
Kahn, Kahn & Scutieri, Esqs.

I'm a big fan of TitleVest and have been for more than 5 years. The website for ACRIS is unmatched and service is always professional and extremely helpful.
Michael Moshan, Esq.
Gold Scollar Moshan, PLLC

I am a frequent user of the ACRISasap feature. I find it swift and easy! Any questions I have had (which I can count on one hand) have been quickly responded to and resolved. It's great!
Randi Taub, Esq.
Golden, Wexler & Sarnese, P.C.

I have never been less than completely satisfied with TitleVest's services. Being able to place and track orders through the website, the quick turnaround and delivery by email, are invaluable to a busy solo practitioner like myself.
Mike Resko, Esq.
Schrader & Schoenberg, LLP

I have been using TitleVest for a variety of real estate title work for many years and have nothing but raves for their work product. This is a company that continuously strives to improve its products and services and its support staff is the best in the business. They are friendly, knowledgeable and, above all, willing to go the extra mile for their clients. From their informative newsletters to their efficient and timely delivery of requested documents, they are a cut above. I look forward to working with them for many years to come.
Brad Rabinowitz, Esq.
Akabas & Sproule

Thank you for eliminating the words "UCCs are not filed yet". Whether it "slipped through the cracks" or a last minute filing was given, TitleVest always makes me look like a hero. The fastest filings I ever did see! Thank you TitleVest.
Kelly Mihalios
Kulakis & Christoforatos, Esqs.

High tech methods and old-fashioned service make for a winning combination.
Fern Schwaber, Esq.
Schwaber & Kafer, PC

I just want to let you both know that I appreciate the time and effort that you have put in to get the recorded UCC-1 to me. I truly can say TitleVest continues to be the best search company ever. Thanks in a million.
Mary Wilson
Senerchia & Kelly, P.C.

In the course of my practice as a commercial and residential real estate attorney I came across numerous title companies, most of which, so I thought, were reasonable and competent and provided a satisfactory service. It was not until I began working with TitleVest that I realized how low my expectations were of my previous title companies. TitleVest has been more than a title company to me. On many occasions, TitleVest provided in addition to customary title work (which, needless to say has always been at the highest level of service) advice on many issues such as transfer taxes, 1031 exchanges, structuring of real estate transactions, even if we never actually employed them as the title company on the specific file. On more than one occasion TitleVest was able to come up with creative solutions for impossible situations, certainly where other title companies gave up and refused to insure the buyer in a particular transaction. TitleVest provides an expeditious, meticulous and efficient service and was even once able to close with us on $6 million commercial purchase within 1 week only. Amazing! Needless to say, it is very hard to convince me to work with any other title company! Thank you Team TitleVest!
Lilach Chemtob, Esq.
Wender Law Group, PLLC

I just want you to know that TitleVest's quick and efficient response today will not be soon forgotten by yours truly. You guys are great. I was in a pinch and needed a quick title search and TitleVest came to the rescue! It is very clear to me how your company has earned its stellar reputation in our business in such a short period of time. Thank you again.
Jordan Barness, Esq.
Barness & Barness LLP

There has been no other title insurance company that can compare to TitleVest. From their comprehensive lien searches, helpful staff, and notable ACRISasap, TitleVest without a doubt provides the best products and services to the real estate industry. Thank you!
Jamie Frederico
Kaplan Fox & Kilsheimer, LLP

The TitleVest interactive co-op reports are extraordinary -- the turnaround time is at lightning speed. Additionally, the fact that I can offer the TitleVest due diligence reports to my clients, saves me time and my client's money. Thanks and keep up the good work.
Adam Wilner, Esq.
Greenberg & Wilner, LLP

TitleVest's superior technology is like no other. They have done an exceptional job of taking the work out of ordering a lien search for this solo practitioner. I recommend their exceptional services to all of my colleagues.
Christine Giulini, Esq.
Giulini & Giulini

As an attorney who practices primarily in the fields of matrimonial and family law, I rely heavily on TitleVest when it comes to any real estate transaction. I never have to search for or wonder if I have the most up-to-date form because I know that it is always available on the TitleVest website. Their staff is amazing and very responsive. Best of all, their fees for services can't be beat.
Meredith Lusthaus, Esq.
Coffinas & Lusthaus, P.C.

Whether it's a lien search or an ACRIS filing (or something else), great (and fast) service, a live voice when you need someone to talk to. Saves time and allows me to be more efficient and effective for my clients' needs.
Myron Cohen, Esq.
Dornbush Schaeffer Strongin & Vengalia, LLP

I am extremely pleased with your ACRIS technology. Before you designed these forms, it literally took me hours to complete the forms. I am a complete mess when it comes to computers, and I simply couldn't get it right. Your method is invaluable. It saves tons of time and it works fine. What else is there to say? Thanks for a great product.
Patricia Marsh, Esq.
Marsh and Gaffner, P.C.

Never before has a title company made customer service as much of a priority as TitleVest. Their response time, friendly attitude and willingness to do anything to satisfy their clients have been nothing short of spectacular.
Michael Bogart, Esq.
Maxwell-Kates, Inc.

TitleVest makes recording a NYC deed simple and cost effective. More importantly, they are amazingly responsive. My first time on the website as a registered user, I had a question which I started to type into their live help. Before I finished the question, I received a call from a TitleVest representative who quickly answered my question and offered to stay on the line while I completed the ACRISasap form. The form was easy to fill in, and my ACRIS documents were perfectly prepared, FOR FREE! I saved so much time. The following day, I was contacted by a different representative who asked if I was satisfied with my documents and if I had any questions. I was so impressed with their customer service, that I later called the representative to ask about having TitleVest record the deed. Within minutes, someone from the recording department called me with simple instructions, and my representative sent a follow-up email to confirm that I was contacted. It is a pleasure to do business with a company that knows customer service.
Jennifer Rosenberg, Esq.
The Law Offices of Joseph B. Rosenberg

Your company, product and service is really great. You have made things so much easier on sales and if something is wrong, your office people are intelligent and extremely helpful. Thanks!
Sandy Adelsberg
Sandy Adelsberg Realty

My experience with TitleVest has always been professional and friendly. When I have had to send requests for title as a "RUSH", the orders were expedited and handled with the highest quality. I love working with you folks!
Andrea Gauthier
TD Bank

I've always had a positive experience when using TitleVest's services. The ease of ordering a title search/contin, UCC-1 filing, all being done instantly with the simple click and submit. Title services couldn't be done any more efficiently! Your network of title closers are also amazing. From NYC to Westchester and out in the Island --great, positive experiences is all I can say about TitleVest!
Christopher Yeung
Deutsche Bank Trust Company

I thoroughly enjoy working with TitleVest. They have always completed my title work in a timely manner and if I have any questions or issues, they are always available to assist via phone or email. Closings have always gone smoothly with no hiccups. I highly recommend using TitleVest.
Craig Lewis
Wells Fargo

Quite simply, amazing. With so much happening on our end we need to have confidence that the title work and closing will happen flawlessly. With TitleVest, not only are they quick but efficient. Always on top, always available.
Daniel Gonzalez Perez
Citibank NA

My firm is a busy bank attorney's office and we have been using your services for quite some time. I want to take this opportunity to commend you and your staff for providing the highest level of customer service in this industry. During the time that I have had the pleasure of working with your office, I have grown accustomed to an efficient and fast delivery of requests for searches and information. One of the best things about TitleVest is how quickly items are available via email and on your website. We frequently order title searches and lien searches, sometimes as a rush request, and always have these items returned to us within a day of placing the order. This is something that has become incredibly beneficial for our team as our clients will need to have searches done with very short notice. It is also wonderful when we have a request from a year or longer for post-closing and recording: each and every time, the recording department responds to me that very same day with the information we need. I want to thank you and your staff for being fast, pleasant and helpful. I look forward to continuing to work with TitleVest as our office is becoming busier and busier. Thank you for everything!
Erin Zix
Hafif & Associates, PLLC

I have had the pleasure of working with the TitleVest team extensively over the past few years and have appreciated more than just their ability to provide high quality title insurance and associated services. They constantly demonstrate how well connected they are to the real estate industry and use their connectivity to help their clients expand their relationships and have better access to deal flow and information. Their influence in the industry is that of a principal organization rather than just a service provider and their knowledge and influence within the New York community is unrivaled. If you demand the best relationships and most capable people to be involved in your transactions then you need to add TitleVest to your team.
Fareeda Mohammed
J.P. Morgan Chase

It was always a pleasure to work with TitleVest. They are always prompt in answering calls and have great phone manner. They know the exact status of the title report. If there are any open items, they will make sure that we are aware of them. If it is applicable for CEMA assignment, they always provide the mortgage schedule to the bank attorney right away. They work well with bank attorneys and bank processors. If the title effective date has expired, they will provide an updated effective date report promptly. They make my life EASY!!
Irena Wong
Bank Of America N.A.

TitleVest is, hands-down, the Rolls Royce of title agencies. The quick turn-around time with title reports and lien searches is unbelievable, the staff is responsive and knowledgeable, the website and technology are state-of-the-art, and the closing department is truly second to none. Just a pleasure to work with!
Marc Sanders, Esq.
Hafif & Associates, PLLC

I do all of my out-of-state/out-of-Market transactions with TitleVest and all my clients are always satisfied and the process is seamless.
Marc Francin
Wells Fargo Home Mortgage

Without TitleVest, we would all be out to sea. The ACRIS feature makes it possible for attorneys to conclude a vital part of New York Coop closings -- producing ACRIS forms in minutes when doing so through the NYC Dept. of Finance system can take hours. When it comes to obtaining Coop Lien Searches, there is no faster way to get one than by filling out TitleVest's order forms. Without ever worrying, the Lien Search just appears on your computer email like magic. Fast. When it comes to ordering a title report, TitleVest delivers one with the highest accuracy, also in record time. Then, there are the forms: producing a Deed, mortgage or whatever real estate form is needed, is made faster, better and easier by the TitleVest website. And when I have a question, always a polite TitleVest representative responds immediately with te highest courtesy. I have been at it for 31 years. You can't do without TitleVest if you are a practicing smaller law firm real estate attorney. Time is money and TitleVest saves you time.
Anthony Abraham, Esq.
Anthony M. Abraham Associates

The TitleVest pens rock! Not to mention the fact that you are the only company that sends a hard copy of your searches so that I don't have to buy a new toner cartridge after I print out a title report or coop lien search!
Anthony Fierro, Esq.
Athony Fi

I would just like to say that TitleVest has been a great partner for us over the years. There is never a problem when it come to title when they are involved. They are always very responsive and they keep me up to date on the process. It is a pleasure dealing with TitleVest and all their representatives.
Anthony Fabiani
J.P. Morgan Chase

I thoroughly enjoy working with TitleVest. As you know, in this industry time is of the essence and obtaining title bills and reports are needed a majority of the time on a rush basis. TitleVest has an incredible turnaround time. Once I send an email out I always have a response within minutes letting me know they received my email and are working on my requests. My overall experience with TitleVest has been great and I'm looking forward to continuing our working relationship in the new year.
Ashley Fanelli
Gahagan & Lando, LLP

I was a very loyal user of another title company for many years. They provided me with great service and I was very satisfied. However, since the change over to TitleVest, which honestly I was a bit wary of, I must say I am utterly impressed with the company's professionalism. Your follow up is as fast as I can imagine and very specific in nature. If anything is a red flag I know immediately and you get to work on it right away. Your staff is courteous to both me and my clients. I have not had a problem at any closing and my clients rave about the willingness to close just about anywhere at any time to fit into their busy schedules. I want to thank you for making the process at the end which is the most important go smoothly. Thank you again for doing such a great job.
Charles Cannizzaro
J.P. Morgan Chase

Since I have been working with TitleVest they have proven to be superior to their competitors. They provide quick, personal and knowledgeable services that assist in closing deals. For me TitleVest is exactly what a title company should be: part of a team that ensures my clients close their deals in a timely, professional and secure manner. I will keep recommending and using TitleVest for all of my future closings.
Chris Cardillo, Esq.
Cardillo & Keyser, P.C.

TitleVest remains consistent in their ability to represent the real estate community in all aspects of real estate and cooperative searches and any issues involved with the searches. TitleVest's success is seen through their training of a strong staff and by their staff's maintaining a strong "spirit of interest" in assisting their clients' needs.
David Duggan, Esq.
Law Office of David N. Duggan, Esq.

Seriously, there is no competitor to TitleVest. The service is outstanding from the moment a title search is ordered and it doesn't end at closing. From interactive reports, email notification of every update to post closing recording information, no matter what you can think of, they have thought of it first.
Denise Langweber, Esq.
Denise R. Langweber, LLP

The speed and efficiency of service we receive from TitleVest is unparalleled. All reports are delivered by email promptly and the free ACRIS service is so convenient. Whenever we encounter difficulty, a TitleVest representative is always available to assist us.
Dennis Wallach, Esq.
Dennis R. Wallch, Attorney at Law

As a solo practitioner of real estate for nearly 20 years and after innumerable closings, TitleVest is by far the most competent and efficient title company I have ever encountered. Reports are not only quick but more importantly they are accurate, detailed and complete. Account representatives are well trained and informed. Legal/clearance resolves issues immediately while the closing department is a pleasure to work with. The TitleVest website is amazingly helpful while simplistic in its use. The entire staff is also very supportive with the website. I highly recommend TitleVest to both the experienced and novice attorneys.
Dino Savone, Esq.
The Law Offices of Dino Savone, P.C.

After sixteen years and hundreds of closings, I have a hard time finding a company that makes title work as easy as TitleVest. Not only are they knowledgeable and efficient but they clearly care about my time and not wasting it. The website is full of information at my fingertips, documents are seamlessly transmitted to all parties and issues are immediately addressed and cleared with minimal effort on my part. They are my second pair of eyes and care as much about getting it right as I do.
Elizabeth Tausz, Esq.
The Law Offices of Vincent R. Rippa

TitleVest never lets me down. I use TitleVest for my title reports, to generate forms and ACRIS materials. It's fast, simple and straightforward. The rates are reasonable and service is exceptional. I recommend TitleVest to all real estate professionals.
Francis Alberts, Esq.
Law Offices of Francis T. Alberts

The online interactive report is an ideal solution. Just what the busy practitioner needs. Super application. All the reason to use TitleVest!!
Fredric Gruder, Esq.
Fredric J. Gruder, Attorney at Law

I've known and used TitleVest for many years. They are organized, efficient and timely in their filings and title reports. The best part is that if you ever have a question, they are just a phone call or email away. A great service!
Gregory Levy, Esq.
Gregory T. Levy, PC

I have used TitleVest to complete ACRIS docs for several years. The process is easy, quick and painless. I love it. The title reports are easy to navigate and thorough. Service is friendly, competent and responsive.
Greta Gainer Anderson, Esq.
Greta Gainer Anderson & Associates

I would recommend TitleVest to everyone in the mortgage industry. The first time we used them their turnaround time was much faster than what other title companies are bringing to the table. Their customer service is bar none. If you leave a message or send an email they get back to you very quickly. If there is any issue they resolve it as quickly as humanly possible. And most importantly, they handle it and leave you with a smile on your face.
Hanysh Dvorak
The Remus Group LLC

We use TitleVest regularly on all of our real estate transactions. Here's a list of the things we love best about TitleVest's operations: 1. First and foremost, TitleVest has assembled a team of the best people we have ever worked with in this industry. 2. The automated title report system makes the burden of maintaining a current title report effortless and actually pleasurable. The system is beautifully designed to make every aspect of title report review and analysis far easier and far more convenient than was ever available before. Communication through the title report system is remarkably convenient. 3. TitleVest's system makes ordering surveys, UCC reports, and the nightmare of arranging title closing seamless and simple.
Jack Platt, Esq.
Jack M. Platt, Attorney at Law

I will only use TitleVest. TitleVest had a one day turnaround on my title and lien searches. Time is most crucial. ACRISasap to a real estate attorney is as crucial as your body needs water.
Jodi Barr, Esq.
Jodi Bar, Attorney at Law

The website is very well laid out and easy to navigate. But the most impressive aspect of your company is the quick turnaround time on title orders and coop lien searches. Keep up the good work.
John Kwiatkowski, Esq.
Kwiatkowsk & Kwiatkowsk, LLP

I especially appreciate two basic services that are reliably executed with clarity: 1. Clearance on Title Reports has always been a smooth process with clear explanations. Your accurate final statements of title costs for closing are an additional efficiency. 2. Your expert suggestions for format of RPT's with unusual characteristics are an important assist. When linked with a Title Report your no extra charge policy is excellent.
John Delamater, Esq.
Schoeman, Updike & Kaufman, LLP

Since becoming a client about two years ago, our company has received top notch service from the entire TitleVest team (from sales to clearance). The expediency in production and support on clearance provides a great deal of comfort as our transactions progress to closing.
Joseph Genzano, Esq.
Alfred Weissman Real Estate, LLC

Simply put, TitleVest gives me the comfort of knowing I am receiving a complete and accurate title report from the experts in title research.
Julia Covino, Esq.
Law Offices of Julia Covino

Just want to say TitleVest is a reliable and competent company. They are always sending me emails notifying me of all the new forms and new information that I need to review. They always keep you apprised. Also, being a very large policy-issuing agent for several major title companies says something about TitleVest.
Kimberly Hesse, Esq.
Martin Silver, P.C.

What I like about you is the modern you present the title search paperwork.
Laura Castro
Law Offices of Enrique A. Ochoa, Esq.

TitleVest is my resource for all real estate related transactions. From Zoning issues to Cooperative Judgment and Lien Searches; from Full Title Reports to 1031 Exchange transactions; TitleVest's superior customer service and quick turnaround time mandates the retention of my business. When you factor in the friendly and efficient demeanor of the staff and the accessibility of the management team, you too will determine that TitleVest will be your point of origination for your title needs.
Lorin Lewis, Esq.
Law Office of Lorin Lewis

If you are a busy practitioner and don't have the time or luxury to keep following up on telephone calls to your title company for answers to your questions, then you should try TitleVest on your next title or coop lien search. They are always responsive and well informed on title issues. You also get the loaded bonus of their informative and useful website. I would recommend giving TitleVest a title to run and you can be the judge.
Luke Scardigno, Esq.
Law Office of Luke Scardigno, Esq.

The entire TitleVest team is exceptional at what they do. They are completely on top of every transaction and are very responsive to my needs. I know how challenging this can be especially when docs are delayed but the team is always there to provide excellent service and are great at getting the job done! Thanks TitleVest!
Mary Rushing
J.P. Morgan Chase

I have been a fan of TitleVest for over ten years now. I find that their ACRISasap and the Interactive Online Reports very user friendly. TitleVest is always on the cutting edge of technology. But best of all, their staff is always accommodating and courteous whether you are ordering a simple lien search or a multimillion dollar title policy!
Michelle Freudenberger, Esq.
Law Office of Michelle Freudenberger

We love working with TitleVest for numerous reasons. First and foremost is their quick turnaround time in producing title and their competitive prices. Their staff is always helpful and friendly. We can always count on them for answers. Also, we love their informative emails. It keeps us up to speed with the latest news that concerns us most. In a competitive field like title insurance, they always manage to keep the edge and stay in the forefront of your business. In doing so, they help us as well and pass on the same competitive edge they diligently work to maintain.
Morgan Botesazan, Esq.
Morgan Bottesazan & Associates, P.C.

I, and my entire office (processors, underwriters and other loan officers) use the TitleVest website to do our work every day -- before we disclose any loan, we verify fees for purchases and refinances. As you know, if we disclose and the fees are estimated too low, we (not the borrowers) have to pay these fees at the closing table! The loan officers use it to review closing costs with their borrowers prior to application and disclosures. Once the loan is disclosed, and the title ordered by us, the attorney OR the borrower . . . . the beauty of the TitleVest system allows all of us to access the title report, status, etc. No more emailing title reports and updating each other on status. And the TitleVest team actually picks up their phones – and return phone calls. Whenever I am asked, "which title company do you prefer" OR "who is the best title company?", there is only one answer --- TitleVest!
Patricia Madison
Cross County Funding

All I can say is that there are many title companies but they pale in comparison to the service that TitleVest gives to its customers. We use TitleVest because it is one less thing as closing attorneys about which we have to worry. You can rely on their reports for their accuracy and thoroughness and if you have a problem they address it immediately and completely. I highly recommend TitleVest to any attorney who does real estate whether it be high volume or just occasional.
Robert Giusti, Esq.
Robert Giusti, Esq. & Associates

TitleVest is very professional. They take a practical business approach to title issues and have been very helpful.
Robert Solomon, Esq.
Law Office of Robert S. Solomon

I LOVE TitleVest!!! Thank you! You guys are the BEST!! TitleVest has helped me and my business, taught me a great deal at the classes, connected me with great resources and great attorneys to be able to refer!!
Collette V. Smith
Halstead Property, LLC.

After experiencing other title companies in my 25+ years in the residential real estate industry, "discovering" TitleVest was without a doubt one of the smartest moves I have ever made. Their cutting-edge technology (one of the first if not the first to offer online access to reports and applications), courteous and knowledgeable customer service and unparalleled speed from application to report, have made TitleVest the premier leader in the very competitive title/abstract business. Several years and many, many clients later, I can endorse TitleVest, without qualification or hesitation, to any attorney looking for a "go to" company for all of their title needs.
Robert Kaplan, Esq.
Robert Kaplan, PC

TitleVest succeeds boldly in every area. It services, from basic to the most complex, are rendered flawlessly every time. TitleVest staff are very knowledgeable, helpful and pleasant to deal with. Their technology platforms make accessing their services as simple as can be. From title reports and lien searches to UCC filings and anything else you might need, TitleVest is an indispensable provider of support to the NYC real estate attorney. Long may they reign.
Scott Siegler, Esq.
The Law Firm of Scott M. Siegler

I have to say that TitleVest is incredibly quick and responsive to our requests for various services. I am located in Millbrook, NY (Dutchess County) but do a lot of NYC transactions and we place all of our lien searches and title orders though TitleVest. I am very happy with the service we have received to date. I am a huge fan of the estimated closing costs feature on the website.
Shawn Pratt, Esq.
Shawn B. Pratt, Attorney at Law

I have to admit TitleVest has made my life as the Manager of the Closing Department so much better and much easier. TitleVest's clearance dept. is very efficient when it comes to clearing files and contacting myself, loan officers and borrowers directly to help speed up the clearance process. I find the clearance dept. incredible in terms of being so proactive on the files. I don't have to repeat my email address 100 times, everyone knows my office on a first name basis which brings a personal touch to this very busy and ever changing industry we work in. You guys are doing a great job and we all look forward to working together in the future.
Spina Karagiannis
DeRose & Surico

Being in practice over 25 years, I appreciate the extraordinary service provided by TitleVest - the speed and accuracy of their searches, their interactive reports and their total commitment to customer satisfaction is most praiseworthy.
Steven Naiman, Esq.
Law Office of Steven Naiman

Very Happy with TitleVest -- quick turnaround, easy to read reports, response assistance to questions... win, win, win!
Steven Brill, Esq.

I am a new TitleVest user. I began using TitleVest for my real estate transactions earlier this year and have experienced quick, prompt and reliable services from TitleVest. They make ordering title searches easy with their easy to use website. I can always check my order status by logging in rather than having to call constantly. Best part is, the turnaround time for a response or title report is the quickest in the title business. It takes 2-4 days rather than weeks to receive the title report. This is the reason I will continue to use TitleVest because in our quick pace society, especially in New York City, quick, prompt and reliable service is so important in the real estate industry. I believe this is also the key to TitleVest's success.
Wing Yu, Esq.
Kee & Lau-Kee, PLLC

It is a must that I let you know that TitleVest has been a big help to the Bank in conducting searches & recording of mortgage documents for almost 10 years now. TitleVest have always been attentive, courteous & very professional. Their turnaround time is excellent; their staff very knowledgeable and easy to reach. Property search results are very concise and are presented clearly. We have never experienced any problems with timing or quality. They provide excellent service and are great people to work with. I only have positive things to say about TitleVest. Our overall relationship with TitleVest is very satisfactory & we highly recommend the company.
Yolanda Aguas
Alpine Capital Bank

TitleVest has changed the industry standard of title insurance companies in this city. They provide efficient and reliable service with a smile.
Byron Dresner, Esq.
Dresner & Dresner

There are many things that I love about using TitleVest. I have used them for the past 6 years and I have never had one single complaint. I can always count on someone to answer any questions that may arise. Their response time is always speedy and their answers informative. I can always count on TitleVest to provide outstanding service.
Adianez Labriel
Seth Weitz Attorney at Law

Working with TitleVest has been a pleasure. Their prompt and courteous service makes my job as a mortgage banker a lot easier in this ever-changing and challenging lending environment. The TitleVest team has been very cooperative and diligent in achieving our common goal, which is closing loans. Thank you TitleVest and keep up the good work.
Adnan Akmal
J.P. Morgan Chase

When I need an offering plan, I go to TitleVest's website. It's a great service!
Agnieszka Czajkowski
RC Real Estate of New York

Upon the recommendation of a colleague, I've used TitleVest several times for the filing of NYS and NYC real estate transfer taxes. Your service proved to be invaluable. You provided fast, efficient, reliable and extremely professional service, and the cost was very reasonable. The service saved me a lot of time and headache in trying to navigate the NYS and NYC electronic filing system. Thank you.
Aimee Levine, Esq.
The Law Office of Aimee P. Levine

The 3 most important elements in this "MUST HAVE IT NOW ENVIRONMENT" are expertise, accuracy and responsiveness. TitleVest GETS IT DONE!
Al Renauto, Esq.
Al Renauto, Esq.

I have been a TitleVest customer for more than five years and will continue to use them primarily because of their exemplary service and the dedication of their staff. Their website is easy to use and provides most of the products needed in my practice, but it is attention to detail that I get when I call for something out of the ordinary that makes the difference to me. Thank you for your service.
Alan Kestenbaum, Esq.
Weil & Kestenbaum

A forte of TitleVest, without a doubt, is their personal service and, when needed, quick turnaround. One instance that comes to mind was at an all-cash coop closing in which we represented the purchaser. The seller's attorney asked for the lien search and, lo and behold, I had not ordered it. I excused myself from the closing and frantically called TitleVest. TitleVest had the lien search emailed to me within the hour. What can I say? They saved me!
Albert Russo

We love using TitleVest and its website. It makes the process of ordering lien searches and UCCs so much easier.
Alexander Suslensky, Esq.
Law Firm of Alexander Suslensky, P.C.

Of all the services you provide, your free CE classes are a gold mine in taking me to the next level of professionalism. There is always new information to add to my arsenal of tools.
Althea Ffrench
Triumph Property Group

What I love about TitleVest is the technological ability and the customer service level I receive when I place a request. My line of work requires me to be on the phone for most of my day, so having the ability to communicate via email is quick and easy. Thank you TitleVest for your great service.
Ana Arruda
Citizens Bank

We service wealthy clients at Merrill Lynch Management and cannot afford any mistakes. The relationship with TitleVest has been nothing short of fantastic. The service is second to none and the willingness to travel to closings makes them the elite title service company. Thank you TitleVest for your outstanding service and we look forward to continue working with you.
Andrew Pearlstein
Bank Of America N.A.

The two parts of your website I find most useful are your closing cost calculator and your form documents. I use both on a regular basis. Thanks!
Andrew Drogen, Esq.
Andrew Drogen, Attorney at Law

While contemplating what there is to like about TitleVest, I realized that the correct question is what is there not to like: Knowledgeable and personable employees that are always willing to go that extra step to help their client.Excellent services provided at competitive prices Cutting edge technology that make their reports easier to access and share that makes ACRIS document preparation easy (especially as compared to the labyrinth that is the NYC website) that allows for simple tracking of ACRIS filings that allows for documents to be created and saved. What is there to like about TitleVest? Everything!!!!!
Andrew Loeb, Esq.
Andrew Loeb, P.C.

I have to say TitleVest is great. The offer plans I've downloaded are in order and legible. I've done ACRIS docs as well. Overall, TitleVest is so efficient.
Angie Cadiz
Midboro Management, Inc.

I cannot say enough about how great you guys are! Your coop team is 2nd to none and the service provided by the entire TitleVest team is outstanding. They are prompt, informative, and simply get the job done, time after time.
Anthony Kline
Morici & Morici, LLP

TitleVest has made the world of real estate sales in NYC so much easier. With their fast and convenient database of offering plans and amendments, TitleVest has been an invaluable asset to our firm on a daily basis. Keep up the great work!
Arbi Asadourian
RB Homes Realty

As a real estate broker, the two things I appreciate most about TitleVest are the Offering Plan Library and their Continuing Education classes, because those are the two I use directly. However, what's really important to me is the service TitleVest provides to attorneys in processing UCC-1s, title and lien searches, etc., because that's how I ultimately get paid, at closing! The Offering Plan Library makes it easy to get most offering plans for NYC co-operatives and condominiums on just a few hours notice - a digital copy for 90 days is free, or you can buy a hard copy. What's more, if TitleVest doesn't have the document you seek in their library, they will refund you $50 towards the cost of obtaining it once you share it with them. I have done this several times and it was great to know that I was helping my colleagues in addition to myself. TitleVest also offers an extensive and informative series of Continuing Education classes, all free and all for CE credits that are required by NYS. I've taken great classes on Townhouse Sales, Foreign Buyers, and Mortgage Financing - they're a great way to get up-to-date information on these topics and also to avoid that last-minute realization that you've neglected your CE requirements and now have to spend the entire weekend in front of your computer completing some less-than-relevant and pricey e-lessons. And finally I would like to praise TitleVest's professionalism and stellar customer service, even in the face of a natural disaster like Super storm Sandy - within a few days, despite their offices having been affected by the storm (no power and no access to the building), things were up and running again, including closings and digital offering plan orders. Congratulations to all staff members who worked so hard!
Barbara Rogers
William B May

The level of expediency and service that TitleVest offers is simply unsurpassed. For a real estate professional, TitleVest offers a comprehensive range of title insurance and related services combined with state-of-the-art technologies that add value and simplicity to real estate transactions.
Benjamin Clyburn
Sotheby's International Realty

I am so impressed by the service you provide, always ready to help and get the forms to the client on time. I have always been treated courteously. Thanks for your help!
Bettie Bielefeld
Law Office of William J. Bielefeld

TitleVest is incredibly fast and thorough. I've used their coop and condominium due diligence service several times and it makes the information much easier to show and explain to my clients.
Bevin Bermingham, Esq.
Best Little Law Firm in Brooklyn

TitleVest's website interface is very easy to use, I love the quickness in which everything is filed and posted on the site and the Contins come back exactly when you need them. Service is already tops in the field and with the launch of the new website it looks as if TitleVest will be raising the bar yet again.
Billy Pachilakis, Esq.
The Gulotta Law Group, PLLC

My experience with TitleVest has only been positive. Not only are there excellent, informative and complimentary classes for real estate professionals, e.g. "Representing Foreign Buyers and Sellers in NYC", but also made available are the free access to their co-op and condo offering plan library (which I have been able to use). Everyone, including the introductory call to their offices, is courteous, reliable and extremely helpful. Thank you.
Bonnie Rindner
Fenwick Keats Real Estate

As a solo practitioner for more than fourteen years, I have found TitleVest's ACRISasap to be one of the most effective and efficient legal platforms on the market. Having had numerous negative experiences with filing NYC RPT and NYS RETT forms on my own, I have always experienced accurate and timely filings when handled by TitleVest (i.e., no rejection of forms). TitleVest's ACRISasap service is a solo practitioner's best friend, from the beginning (friendly, knowledgeable and responsive representatives) to the end of the filing/recording process (follow-up notifications). I highly recommend this service not just to solo practitioners but to all attorneys looking to ensure an expeditious and smooth closing process.
Brad Steinberg, Esq.
Law Office of Brad Steinberg, Esq.

My favorite thing about TitleVest is the way you keep your registered users informed about important changes in the industry.
Brett Herman, Esq.
Brett P. Herman, Esq.

Customer service, first and always!
Bruce Pollack
Metro Realty Solutions

I just want to let anyone who is looking for a title company know that the services and accommodations provided by TitleVest are unsurpassed. From the complimentary ACRIS to the free continuing legal education courses (catered!), as well as the incredible ease in which services can be accessed, TitleVest is by far the most user-friendly and helpful title company that I have ever used. Highly, and objectively, recommended.
Bruce Olinger, Esq.
Law Office of Bruce Olinger

I've been working with TitleVest since the company started in 2000. TitleVest is by far the BEST title company in the field. In my opinion they are in a class by themselves. The product, the service and the staff is one of a kind. You cannot beat TitleVest. Their technology and turnaround time simplifies my life. I don't know where I'd be without TitleVest. I would NOT be able to provide the service that we provide our clients without TitleVest on our side. Their website and their tools are useful and I use them daily. The knowledge of their staff is also a helpful resource. They are an honest company truly built on service and quality. I am proud to work with TitleVest and to name them the BEST title company around. If I was to own my own company it would be set up just like TitleVest. They are brilliant, much like the Apple product which makes work much easier. Genius!!
Brunilda Colon
Jon B. Felice & Associates, PC

All of the people I have dealt with are expert and very accommodating and helpful. They go the extra mile in assisting me. I appreciate the personal touch.
Carl Stoll, Esq.
Law Office of Carl B. Stoll

You guys are great.
Carla Orellana
Mavrides, Moyal & Associates, LLP

The website is fantastic. It is extremely user friendly. The ease in requesting titles and updates really cuts down on time spent ordering and updating titles. I like that I can go to the site and get an estimated title bill instantly. All of the internal staff are easy to work with and respond to emails and phone calls in a timely manner so we are never waiting to clear up issues or receive updates. I would definitely recommend TitleVest to others.
Cathy Torriero
Cross County Funding

Even as one guy in a small firm the company makes me feel like a major player. Customer service is always friendly, fast and efficient and they call me when there is an issue. I made the switch a few years back and never going to leave. Their award-winning software is a pleasure to use and is real simple. My account and its features are intuitive and it helps me to tract client progress.
Chaim Bryks
Bryan Bryks

I really like the ease of preparing ACRIS Documents through TitleVest's web site. Whether I prepare the documents myself or place an order for TitleVest to prepare the documents on my behalf, the process is always fast, easy and reliable.
Chandra Blake
Mandel & Mandel

TitleVest has benefitted dozens of my clients including buyers, who before putting in an offer wanted more information on the buildings special risks, to an attorney who was eco-friendly and wanted the offering plan electronically. TitleVest's customer service efficiently walked me through accessing a document I had ordered. I confidently recommend TitleVest to buyers, sellers, prospects, other agents, and attorneys alike -- everyone can benefit. The best part is that TitleVest's electronic offering plans are FREE! TitleVest's library of offering plans is the best in the business – everytime a potential buyer has a question, I refer them over to TitleVest. As well, I've attended a multitude of TitleVest's CE classes, and have come away with more knowledge than when I attended real estate school.
Charles Botensten
Halstead Property

TitleVest offers terrific, reliable services in a speedy fashion that is much admired and trusted by a busy attorney. We recommend them to others whenever the opportunity presents itself.
Charles Hopfl, Esq.
Law Office of Charles Hopfl

TitleVest's competitive pricing and industry-standard technology make them a valuable partner. Their level of service puts them over the top. I trust TitleVest. They are flexible, they deliver what they promise and they keep my reputation intact.
Chris Bartlett
Citibank NA

I wish more title companies had a website like this! TitleVest is very user friendly, very efficient. Also the people at TitleVest are great! Very friendly and helpful.
Christy Reeves
Bank Of America N.A.

What we like about TitleVest is: 1. Wonderful customer service. 2. Experienced support. 3. Always willing to give extra help whenever we need. 4. Provide free ACRIS prep for our seller attorney. 5. Provide the Lien Search in a very reasonable time frame (usually the next day). 6. Great website (very helpful with the document library). 7. Give free pens with report.
CJ Chang
Yung & Associates

I am so impressed by the professionalism and efficiency by which TitleVest handles my various requests. Most, if not all of my requests can be handled online but there is always someone available with the proficiency to handle my most complicated requests. As a busy real estate attorney, TitleVest has proven to be an invaluable tool.
Constantine Kapetanos, Esq.
Kapetanos & Belibasakis, LLP

I do endorse TitleVest and would continue to do so. I will also continue to recommend TitleVest to all my fellow investors and their clients
Corlette Douglas
MGN Funding Corp

In an area of uncertainty, I discovered TitleVest. When others struggled to provide services to the real estate community, TitleVest took bold chances on technology to meet the challenges of the 21st Century. Today, a new generation of practitioners take on the mantle of serving the NY legal community and, I trust, TitleVest will be there to serve them. Kudos.
Cris Johnson, Esq.
Cris Johnson, Attorney at Law

My most trusted attorneys only use TitleVest. I never have to worry about an issue with title and your website makes it easy to download everything I need for my closings. A trusted name in New York title.
Cristine Wurm
Wells Fargo Home Mortgage

TitleVest is the modern world. If the rest of the real estate business could catch up to its technology and service we could do away with couriers, copiers and cabinets. I've got the cleanest desk in my firm thanks to TitleVest and my efficiency has improved so much I'm almost thinking of getting rid of my assistant. I hope he doesn't read this.
Dan Critchett
Stribling & Associates

TitleVest is always there for my every need when it comes to Coop Title Searches. I always return to them with confidence, knowing I will always receive the utmost professionalism and prompt care. Their website provides all materials with the click of a button and has completely eliminated the need for mail. I look forward to using TitleVest again.
Daniel Waxman, Esq.
Waxman & Waxman, P.C.

The staff is genuinely interested in seeing a resolution to every work request I send in. Whether it's a support call I phone in or a question I email, every time I get in touch with someone at TitleVest he/she takes responsibility and care. I never feel like the staff passes me along down a system - I am treated by personable charismatic professionals who want me to get what I need. Thanks TitleVest!
Daniel Cho
EXIT Realty Landmark

Your service is the best and your attention to detail is unparalleled. No one can beat the co-op service you offer. You make our job easier!
Daniella Caputo, Esq.
Daniella M. Caputo, Attorney at Law

What I absolutely appreciate about TitleVest is its thoroughly prompt responsiveness when I'm in a panic for information and/or assistance in preparing documents for real estate closings. The staff is calmly efficient and I can then go on to obsess about other things secure in the knowledge that the requested documents will be delivered on time, sometimes before my deadline, and that they will be correct based on the information I provide. In a couple of instances, my submitting information was incorrect but the corrections were still made in sufficient time to avoid delay. For someone who is technically challenged, TitleVest is a winner, every time.
Danna Wood, Esq.
Law Office of Danna M. Wood

I have been a real estate attorney for 16 years and wished I would have used TitleVest for all of them! I was lucky to have discovered this company a few years ago and their service and technology far surpasses any other company I have used for co-op closings, in the past. I would never consider using another company and only use TitleVest. They are professional, courteous and extremely helpful. A true asset.
Daria Hoffman, Esq.
Law Office of Daria K. Hoffman

TitleVest's general level of service is excellent but there is no other title company which provides copies of condo/co-op offering plans and amendments in such a convenient and expeditious manner. And when I have had problems with downloading the documents, the staff have been very helpful and friendly in resolving the issue without delay.
David Aronstam, Esq.
David J. Aronstam, Attorney at Law

I have used TitleVest for years and the service and professionalism I and my clients receive is outstanding! They are timely and convenient for my clients traveling to the clients' location.
David Solomon
Wells Fargo

I am primarily a trusts and estates solo practitioner, so when I find myself dealing with real estate transfers I need a little more help than others might and I find the TitleVest staff extremely knowledgeable, helpful and pleasant.
David Migdal, Esq.
Law Office of David Migdal

We recently completed a series of "1031 Like Kind Exchange" transactions with TitleVest serving as our 1031 intermediary. As this type of transaction was new to us (and as they can get REALLY complicated!), I was very pleased that TitleVest was on hand to fill in some of the details that our accountant and lawyer had not made as clear as we needed. Our TitleVest account representative was especially friendly, patient, informative, professional, available and reassuring. The 1031 transactions went off without a hitch, and we have TitleVest to thank for all their assistance to assure that they did.
David Bailey

TitleVest is an example of utilizing the technology and know-how of today along with the customer service that we all long for from the past and rarely see in any business model today. TitleVest has grown to become a household name in the real estate transactional world. TitleVest works hard to truly earn their customer loyalty every single day. We all may know and see their infamous TitleVest blue and black pens at all of our daily closings but it is TitleVest's uniqueness in customer service that always stands out. The website is so user friendly and in this busy world, allows attorneys to place orders for title work, lien searches, ACRIS documents or UCC filings 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. The email confirmations of all orders and updates is a welcome reassurance that the order is being processed and that your documents are on the way. The turnaround time is quick and consistent. In a nutshell, TitleVest is a leader in technology and professional in their accuracy of information and timeliness. Most important though, is that every one of their employees has a "can do" attitude and always with a smile that radiates over the telephone.
David Shipper, Esq.
Shipper & Shipper

TitleVest has been a huge help with my real estate practice in Florida. I always use TitleVest for my UCC Searches and Filings and Judgment and Lien Searches. Thank you TitleVest.
Dina Bronstein, Esq.
Daniel Wagner-The Law Firm

Fabulous program for ordering cooperative judgment and lien searches: user friendly, immediate response, fastest turn-around time in the industry. Bonus: Title Vest sends the search to the other parties in the transaction.
Donna Kelly, Esq.
Law Office of Donna M. Kelly

As an attorney working for a small, family-owned management company, I rely on TitleVest for my ACRIS filings. Their online program is easy to use, and I can track the progress of the filings. Furthermore, the TitleVest ACRIS department is always readily available for any questions I may have.
Dori Sedransk
David Frankel Realty, Inc.

I am always happy to see that a deal I am working on involves TitleVest - their superior online technology is both faster and easier to use than any other I've seen, and they give us the confidence in knowing that the documents will be recorded with the County Clerk without delay. All in all, TitleVest is a great company to work with!
Doron Leiby, Esq.
Jeffrey Miller & Associates, P.C.

The best thing about TitleVest is its extremely attentive customer service. I had an invoice issue and a Vice President called me personally and rectified the problem immediately. This is exactly the type of support my solo practitioner firm, and my clients, need.
Edward Hayes, Esq.
Eddie Hayes, Attorney at Law

Once you've tried TitleVest you can forget the rest for Lien Searches and Filings. Their system makes it easy and their staff assists quickly and competently when you need them. So try the best and forget the rest.
Edward Smolka, Esq.
Law Office of Edward R. Smolka

I have been using TitleVest since the founding of the company. The strength of their organization comes from both their outstanding customer service and the quality of their work product. Their knowledgeable staff can guide everyone from the newly admitted to the experienced attorney. They have been leaders in the field based upon their use of the latest cutting-edge technology for both research and communication. I would never hesitate to recommend TitleVest to a colleague needing any assistance, from a transactional real estate practice or a basic residential closing or 1031 Exchanges to the most complicated commercial practice.
Eric Schultz, Esq.
Eric B. Schultz, Attorney at Law

TitleVest provides excellent real estate salespersons, Continuing Education classes and is the only place I know of that provides free offering plans.
Eric Hsu
Graceful Park Realty

I love that when I was trying to close on a mortgage refinancing and needed a copy of the offering plan for my condominium it was possible to get it electronically through TitleVest. That really helped the process of receiving final approval on my loan from the bank move faster.
Erin Morgan
Chadwin House Condominium

In an industry where having information at one's fingertips quickly is paramount to servicing a customer, the services accessed through TitleVest have been both time and customer saving to my agents, and myself. Need information pertaining to a building, shares, title, deed, NYC/NYS transfer tax documents, an interactive portal for reviewing title reports and managing the pre-closing, closing and post-closing process? TitleVest. Need to brush up on industry standards and practices, while keeping your license current as a NYC salesperson or broker? TitleVest. In short, a one-stop access to pre and post-closing know-how for agent, buyer, and seller can be had by having an account with just one place...TitleVest!
Fanny Montalvo
AC Lawrence & Co.

In this super competitive market of real estate, title companies are a dime a dozen. As a paralegal at a law firm, I work with several title companies in New York and I am able to compare and contrast services. TitleVest has garnered the law firm's attention not only by their top notch customer service, but their unbelievably fast turnaround time. In addition, their rates are the most competitive we've seen in the industry. Our firm will definitely utilize TitleVest again in the future based on our experience working with them.
Franca Bruno
Marino Partners LLP

Why do I use TitleVest? You make my job easier! I am a very busy matrimonial paralegal, when the time comes for me to use TitleVest I simply email the necessary information and within days I receive a complete package with all necessary documents and a complimentary pen!! The best part of using TitleVest is I do not need to spend unnecessary time following up!!
Frances Rausch
Steven P. Kuhn, Esq.

So far I have had nothing but positive experiences with TitleVest.
Francesca Mendes

TitleVest is always ready to help and everybody is so pleasant and knowledgeable. It's obvious that everyone at TitleVest has a lot of professional pride and wants the job to get done accurately and on time.
Frank Gobes, Esq.
Law Offices of Frank J. Gobes, PC

Use it and like it.
Frank Barnett, Esq.
Law Office of Frank Barnett

I would characterize TitleVest as persistently efficient and unfailingly effective in the service they provide to their clients.
Franklin Cama, Esq.
Franklin A. Cama, Attorney at Law

I have been extremely pleased with your service as well as my clients have been really happy with the service of your closers as well as how courteous all of your closers are to my clients. Whenever I need anything from your team, it happens instantly. I am thrilled with your company and our business will only grow!! I rest easy knowing when your company is handling the title.
Fred Ashe
Citibank NA

The customer service I received from TitleVest was outstanding. Minutes after placing an order, I had someone call to verify the information I sent in. Our title order came in a timely manner with a complimentary pen and binder clip no less. Needless to say I was very impressed by the service experience I received and will be looking forward to future business with TitleVest.
Gaylelaurenne Bathan
Law Offices of Tracie J. Silvestro, PLLC

As an active broker who wants to always give my clients the best level of service, I heavily rely on the services of TitleVest. Fast and free access to documents such as Offering Plans via my desktop is a game-changer in our industry. But the most important thing is that TitleVest is reliable. I know that I can expect the order within 24 hours which means my clients get the information faster and more efficiently too. Lastly, the customer service is on its own level of quality here. Constant communication and service keeps me assured that my order is important.
GieFaan Kim
Keller Williams

I am writing to let you know how much I appreciate the outstanding customer service that your staff provides to me on a daily basis. Your staff is always very attentive and helpful. The employees I interact with are very knowledgeable and seem genuinely interested in making sure they assist me and my customers' needs. I will continue to use TitleVest and recommend it to others at every opportunity that I get. You have put together a great team that makes customers feel respected and valued. I truly believe that TitleVest has some of the best talent in the industry. I look forward to working with your team again and again. With much thanks and appreciation for your continuous support.
Gina Stavropoulos
Wells Fargo Home Mortgage

The capability to prepare form contracts and other documents (as well as save and edit them online) has saved me so much time -- I use this feature all the time!
Gita Gandhi, Esq.
Shearman & Sterling LLP

I have always enjoyed excellent service from TitleVest. I especially like the ease with which I can generate documents and do necessary ACRIS filings.
Glenn Kipnees, Esq.
Law Offices of David Skrilow

I think TitleVest does a great job at keeping the real estate professional abreast of changing laws and requirements of closing. Their emails are informative, sharp and professional. I wouldn't mind hiring their marketing department to push my firm! Great job folks!!
Glenn Kessler, Esq.
Law Office of Glenn S. Kessler

I've worked with TitleVest for the last 2 and a half years. Being a newcomer, so to speak, TitleVest welcomed me like an old friend. They're extremely professional, time savvy, and they go above and beyond to make sure our mutual clients are taken care of in a thoughtful and caring way. Hats off to TitleVest. You're the best!!
Goldie Scott
Citibank NA

No matter the issue, TitleVest has a solution.
Gregory Akselband, Esq.
Neil A. Weinrib and Associates

During the course of a most difficult refinancing that included a recalcitrant prior lender involving litigation and an unreasonable deadline to close the refinancing on or before October 31st, 2012 (in the face of impending disaster) combined with the hurricane Sandy Superstorm damage and in particular Lower Manhattan where TitleVest's office is located, the staff found creative ways to help me get through it all and get past very troubling title exceptions and ameliorating complications from the prior lender. From the marketing representative to the title closer, I found willing and capable assistance.
Gregory Thorpe, Esq.
Law Offices of G. Lynn Thorpe, PLLC

I am an attorney specializing in real estate transactional work and I have handled approximately 1,900 closings in my 27+ year career. I have worked with TitleVest for at least 15 years and have found them to be a top rate company with excellent support staff. I especially like the fact that they prepare ACRIS forms without fee and that they maintain a library of Offering Plans for many of the NYC Co-ops and Condos. I don't know of any other title company that does this. I also appreciate that TitleVest gives its clients the option of receiving the traditional paper copy or the paperless online version only. They are truly innovators in their field.
Gus Haritos, Esq.
Law Office of Gus P. Haritos

I would like to say that everyone at TitleVest is very helpful and friendly. Also the TitleVest website is very user friendly. Thanks very much and keep up the great service!
Heather Olivadoti
Fentin and Goldman LLP

The high quality of the services rendered with efficiency to match, makes working with TitleVest a very pleasant but professional experience.
Hein Hazenberg, Esq.
Law Office of Hein Hazenberg

In the time I have been working with your company, I have found your staff to be very professional and their services top-notched. Keep up the good work.
Heng Cheng
J.P. Morgan Chase

As a solo practitioner, TitleVest's online forms and ACRIS are invaluable. I am able to maintain client files for downloading information directly onto the forms I need, saving me time and effort. And if there is ever a glitch or a question, I am always able to immediately communicate by phone with a representative. In the wake of Hurricane Sandy, TitleVest went above and beyond in their willingness to improvise and assist in getting my deals closed. Thanks for your help, as always.
Hillary Potashnick, Esq.
Hilary Potashnick, Attorney at Law

I took two wonderful courses with TitleVest this year. The presenters were engaging and the course content was useful, timely and so much better than typical CE courses. In addition, the settings were pleasant and the lunches were special! I recommended your CE offerings to several people. I look forward to attending again in the future and will certainly think of TitleVest when my buyers (or attorneys who might be seeking new relationships) need a title company. Thanks for your efforts on behalf of us professionals!
Hillary Brizell-Delise
Douglas Elliman

I've been in the Title/Mortgage industry for about 6 years now and I can say it's very frustrating trying to understand how each state handles their forms and property transfer laws. Using New York's ACRIS form has been a difficult and frustrating process because the county offices are sometimes not helpful or are unable to assist due to legal advice. Since using TitleVest about a year and a half ago the completion of the ACRIS form has been easier and a lot less painful. TitleVest helped our team understand the form and New York law much better than before. Any issues on the form were easily corrected and sent over free of charge. They're easy to work with and will contact you over the phone for any issues, questions or concerns. Great service and quality products from TitleVest. I wish there were more services available like this for different states. Thank you TitleVest!
Hiran Deraniyagala
Title Source, Inc.

We love TitleVest's prompt, courteous, and accurate service
Howard Stern, Esq.
Law Office of Howard Stern

I have been using TitleVest for more than 7 years and find them to be most capable and accurate in their service. The staff is superb and very responsive to all inquiries. The pricing structure of TitleVest cannot be matched by traditional title companies and their email support with filed documents is most welcome.
Howard Einbinder, Esq.
Law Office of Howard Einbinder

TitleVest's online resources have streamlined our due diligence process and allowed us to remain competitive on our deals by having access to crucial up to date due diligence information. Our company performs thorough due diligence on approximately 75-100 properties each year and we find ourselves using at minimum one of TitleVest's many streamlined online resources in each analysis.
Ian Fishkin, Esq.
HJ Development, LLC

Fast, reliable and automated. TitleVest takes a painful old school process and brings it to the digital age.
Igor Oberman, Esq.

I always turn to TitleVest for my lien searches and ACRIS. Their website is intuitive and easy to use. If I ever have a question on one of my files I always find the TitleVest staff ready to provide assistance.
Ira Gold, Esq.
Rubin & Gold LLP

TitleVest cuts through the mine field of coop & ACRIS transactions. Thanks for making me look good.
Ira Bezack, Esq.
Ira Bezack, Attorney at Law

TitleVest was there for us during a needlessly difficult closing on what should have been a simple refinance for two high-earners with excellent credit, loooong history with current employers, lots of cash and other holdings, and a super-valuable property in a very expensive, stable neighborhood. The bank made me do a lot of the legwork myself that normally is done by the bank, like finding title insurance, doing a consolidation, and all that complicated stuff that a busy dad with a full time job and a house to take care of doesn't really have the wherewithal to deal with. The people at TitleVest helped shepherd the bank officers and lawyers into getting their jobs done, and sometimes it was like pulling teeth. And we're not dentists either. TitleVest also gave us a pretty neat pen at the closing and I still use it. They also saved us money compared to the title companies that banks usually pick for us, so I guess you get what you're willing to work for.
James O'Neill

TitleVest is a reliable and courteous partner for attorneys with real estate needs. My firm was handling a closing that was supposed to take place the day after Superstorm Sandy. Although the attorneys could not hold the closing, the TitleVest professionals kept in constant contact to assist in facilitating the closing at the earliest possible time. This was in spite of the fact that their own offices where not fully operational. I look forward to working with them for years to come.
James McGlynn, Esq.
Law Office of James A. McGlynn, LLC

TitleVest's success is based on a true passion for serving & delighting its customers better than anyone else in the industry. I believe this is driven by the company's relentless pursuit of helping the customer succeed. Everyone on the TitleVest team is so engaged, utilizing their vast knowledge base and conducting business efficiently with the utmost integrity. I will recommend them every time I have an opportunity.
James Wohn
Capital One Bank, N.A.

TitleVest has wonderful information available on its website and has great pens!
James Rice, Esq.
McCabe & Associates

TitleVest.com is easy to use and a perfect resource for everything I need to service my real estate clients. It's great, and just a "click away!"
James Sarna, Esq.
Sarna & Associates, PC

TitleVest is an invaluable resource to me as a real estate agent in Manhattan. Clients want facts and answers quickly in this information-saturation era. The ability to pull up an Offering Plan and get technical answers within 24 hours can make all the difference in providing a competitive edge. A point of fact, I used TitleVest yesterday to advise my client-buyer about specifics of an HVAC system in a condo building developed in 2007. I asked the seller's broker for the information and/or a copy of the Offering Plan but I was able to get my own digital copy for free from TitleVest before they even could answer my question. It impressed my client when I told him "I have reviewed the Offering Plan and have answers to your questions..." -- and now, we are going for a second showing of the condo this morning. Thanks!
James Malone
Bond New York Properties

I find TitleVest to be a very reliable and dependable company. They offer prompt attention to my title orders and answer any questions I may have.
James Follender, Esq.

As a busy Trusts & Estates attorney, I am frequently in need of real estate title and transactional services relative to an assortment of transactions (residential, commercial, sales, transfers, etc). As a solo practitioner, I am also in need of someone who can get these jobs done for me quickly and efficiently. Having TitleVest is like having

Your service was very thorough, speedy, and your agents were good to work with. You made a potentially difficult transaction easy to maneuver.
John Fairbairn III, Esq.
Fairbairn Law P.C.

Each time I use TitleVest I know my life will be made a little bit easier... I know that TitleVest will provide fast, efficient, innovative service, and that someone knowledgeable is at hand to ease me through any questions I may have. Just amazing.
John Markos, Esq.
John Jaye Markos, Attorney at Law

TitleVest is one of the best title companies I have dealt with in years. Every time I call with a question or request no matter who answers they are helpful and so very friendly. My recordings are done at lightning speed. I rave about you guys to all. Thank you for such great service.
John Grunert, Esq.
Law Office of John J. Grunert

First and foremost, accessible and responsive. Next, helpful and accommodating. Finally (but obviously important), proficient, skillful, and accurate.
John Koegel, Esq.
The Koegel Group, LLP

Ten years ago I decided to take on a partner - a tough decision for a solo practitioner. But TitleVest has been the best partner I could have hoped for and I have no regrets. There is no title company around with such a robust website or more responsive team. My emails are responded to within minutes and the answer to all of my title problems seems to be "don't worry, we can do that for you." Every time I use TitleVest I get the feeling I am their most important client and no matter how big they get, the quality of service and attention to detail never suffers.
Jon Biondo, Esq.
The Biondo Law Firm, P.C.

I think that TitleVest is a well-organized, professional company which surpasses virtually all of its competition in New York. Their success is a clear product of their determination, persistence and dedication to serving the community. Truthfully, no other company compares and that is why we only use TitleVest for our Co-op lien searches. As Vince Lombardi stated: 'Success rests not only on ability, but upon commitment, loyalty and pride.' TitleVest has all of the ingredients needed to succeed and I am sure they will do so for decades ahead.
Jon Felice, Esq.
Jon B. Felice & Associates

The thing that I love best about TitleVest's website is for refinance transactions I am able to get an instant and reliable title fee to use for New York and New Jersey transactions so we can complete our Good Faith Estimate without any delays.
Jonathan Semon
Guaranteed Rate, Inc.

I was thoroughly pleased with my experience with TitleVest. Your response to my needs was in all cases timely. And the members of your staff with whom I interacted (including the on-line chat line, through which I first interfaced) could not have been friendlier or more helpful. I would without hesitation use TitleVest should any future need for your services arise, and I would recommend your company to friends and colleagues.
Jonathan Birkhahn, Esq.
Jonathan Birkhahn, Attorney at Law

TitleVest has the best online tools, the fastest response time and the most helpful and informed staff of any title company I have dealt with. As far as I am concerned, TitleVest is in a class by itself.
Joseph Leon, Esq.
Law Office of Joseph Leon

What I love best about TitleVest.com is the free "Calculate Closing Costs" feature. I've used this to help our clients figure out what financing and purchases will cost. The TitleVest Calculation presentation is professional, satisfies our clients and helps make us look good. Thanks TitleVest!
Josh Blackman
Brownstone Management

I love the accessibility of offering plans available at TitleVest.
Julia Perl
Regional Appraisal Associates

No matter what service you provide for me, it is amazing how quickly it is done. Fees are more than reasonable, lien searches are easy to read, UCC filings are done quickly and with knowledge. I got a call telling me that on one of my assignments the lender's name was incorrect. When I checked with the lender, it ended up that TitleVest was correct in pointing that out to me. Just amazing service and I recommend it to everyone I meet at closings.
Julia Khaldarov, Esq.
Law Office of Julia Khaldarov

My firm and I love using TitleVest. Their web site is easy to use and navigate. I especially like using their website to create our ACRIS forms because it's very quick and simple.
Julie Van Schuyler
Farrell Fritz P.C.

I am just writing about the outstanding service your company provides. The speed of your customer service and the lengths your team goes to make sure our needs are fulfilled are excellent. I have always had a positive experience when making an inquiry with TitleVest. TitleVest's online services are user-friendly, and when I needed assistance as a first time user, I received all of the help I needed in a timely fashion.
Julie Faller, Esq.
The Gulotta Law Group, PLLC

Margert Community Corporation is a community based non profit agency We receive GRANT funds from the city and state and use TitleVest to help file UCCs, mortgages and agreements required by our funders. TitleVest has not only been a life saver, but a time saver for us. We are a small staff and wear many hats. I can't imagine how difficult and time consuming it would have been if we had to travel to get these documents recorded. It alsohas saved us money that can then be used to fund more grants and help more clients. Before TitleVest we had an attorney review and record documents and that got pretty pricey. I also appreciate the prompt responses when I email for any help.
Julissa Arias
Margert Community Corp.

TitleVest is my go-to for all title needs. I've used them in a variety of capacities and they go above and beyond to guarantee great service. What sets them apart from other title companies is their user-friendly website and dedicated staff. I handled a number of deals this past year that presented interested title issues that I lacked experience in. I was able to count on TitleVest to help me navigate uncharted waters and guide me, confidently, to closing. TitleVest provides me with the support that every real estate lawyer deserves.
Kacey Rosemberg
Jon B. Felice & Associates, P.C.

I've always loved the fact that TitleVest is professional, fast and technologically advanced, but the addition of the Offering Plan Library and donating a portion of their proceeds to charity by planting trees is just phenomenal.
Kailin Woo, Esq.
Law Office of Kailin Woo

The Company website is very user friendly and I can get immediate answers on pending searches and recordings. The team at TitleVest has always been courteous and dependable.
Kathleen Fragette
Jeffrey A. Kosterich, LLC

We at the Law Office of David Gladstone love working with TitleVest. From our great account representative to your easy to understand website and your helpful legal department, you make our job so much easier.
Kathleen Sebesta
Law Office of David M. Gladstone

Your service is top notch for lien searches and filing UCCs, and always has been. Your turnaround time on searches - 2 days at this point - means I can wait until my clients have gotten co-op Board approval before doing a search without worrying about delaying a closing. Your service for filing ACRIS forms and checks with the NYC Dept. of Finance is also very valuable, as you get proof of filing, which comes in very handy when the City claims something got filed late or a check didn't accompany the forms. And don't forget the pens - I go to a closing and every attorney seemingly pulls out a TitleVest pen to sign documents. You are a great, reliable resource.
Kenneth Thomas, Esq.
Thomas & White

TitleVest . . . best 3 hours spent in a classroom. Informational, friendly and lunch is delicious!!! I wish real estate school was this good and informative.
Keren Tishman
TOWN Residential, LLC

I submitted a request for an offering plan in Soho at 5:30pm on Tuesday, the following morning I received a personal email acknowledging my order and letting me know it would be filled by late afternoon. At 3 pm I received an email notification that my order was ready. All was on point as stated in the personal email I received that morning. Great job.
Kevin Salmon, Esq.
Salmon & Marshall

TitleVest is a great Company. Always there to deliver when you need them.
Lakisha Doggett
TD Bank

TitleVest has always been extremely responsive to my real estate needs. The searches, reports and all questions that I have are always diligently and timely attended to. The attention to customer contact is always of utmost importance to me when dealing with a title company, and TitleVest is always willing to work with me. In this continually evolving real estate market, TitleVest provides my office with the knowledge base necessary to keep pace.
Lance Longo

TitleVest's services goes well beyond title reports. The consolidated Offering Plans is a fantastic resource when you need an Offering Plan. I like being able to preview it before ordering it and the whole process is digital, fast and with great customer service if needed! In addition to that, the Continuing Education training classes are offered free and are informative, interesting and taught by knowledgeable people in the real estate industry. TitleVest is a great resource for real estate agents.
Landrey Mark
The Landrey Group

What we love best about TitleVest is that you can easily create your ACRIS forms on the website! The customer service is great and readily accessible.
Lara Bianchi, Esq.
Law Office of Zerline Goodman

TitleVest's staff is the most responsive in the industry and that includes their speed, efficiency and willingness to assist the customer.
Lawrence Hanover, Esq.

In over thirty years of real estate practice, TitleVest is the best firm I have ever used for co-op lien searches. They are fast and efficient, and their reports are clear and well-organized. Orders are easily placed online 24/7.
Lawrence Moss, Esq.
Law Office of Lawrence C. Moss

I would like to commend you for your ACRIS document prep service. It has been timely and very accurate. Also the response of your in house people has been the best of any title company I have ever dealt with. Within hours of my call, I get a call back.
Lee Golden, Esq.
Lee Golden Attorney At Law

I like best the ability to complete ACRIS forms conveniently from my desk and to have the fully prepared documents available instantly. Very, very convenient!
Leonard Pack. Esq.
Leonard B. Pack, Attorney at law

I am happy to have the opportunity to publicly thank TitleVest for their amazing response to my need for a copy of an offering plan. Not only did the TitleVest team respond quickly to my request, they also followed up with me to make sure that everything came through accurately on the digital file. I am confident that the quality of customer service that TitleVest provides in title insurance and related services has been exemplified by the way I received my order. It is a magnanimous gift to all Real Estate brokers (as well as attorneys) to have the ability to receive a digital copy of an offering plan and amendments. I look forward to continued recommendations of the services that TitleVest offers.
Leonard Gottlieb
Halstead Property

My office has been ordering lien searches from TitleVest for years and we have never been disappointed. The searches always come in within a couple of days. I particularly find their website a useful and efficient way of managing my orders.
Leor Gamzo, Esq.
Leor E. Gamzo, PC

I love TitleVest, it makes my life easier. For great service and the quickest turnaround time, I rely on TitleVest. When I need support, I call and get the accurate information I need.
Leora Magier, Esq.
Law Office of Leora Magier, Esq.

When I represent a co-op purchaser, I order the lien search from TitleVest; for a condo purchaser, I order title from TitleVest; for a seller I use TitleVest for ACRIS docs. All seamless. And when I need advice on outside matters, the TitleVest team has gladly given me their wonderful assistance. TitleVest rocks!
Linda Russo, Esq.
Law Office of Linda Russo

The best part about TitleVest is its continuing service. Many title companies work with your throughout and during the closing and take your documents to be filed, however, TitleVest continues to give you updates on your file and lets you know exactly when your documents are filed. This is extremely helpful in keeping files organized.
Lisa Campanile
Marc Gerber Attorney at Law, PC

TitleVest provides me with my lien searches. I have found their technology to be user friendly, easy to navigate throughout and superior to any other website. Their turn times are quick, their employees professional and their customer service is above and beyond any other title company.
Lisa Smith
DE Capital Mortgage, LLC

TitleVest.com was an invaluable resource in closing my latest sale. Neither the current owner nor the management company had a complete offering plan and without it, the deal would fall through. I heard about TitleVest.com from a colleague and, with nothing to lose and everything to gain, I gave it a shot. Not only did TitleVest.com have the completed offering plan and all amendments, it was free! Amazing! And my deal was saved. Thank you TitleVest.com!!
Lora Dettinger
Bond New York Properties

I could not have been more pleased with the service we received from TitleVest in refinancing our home. I have been an attorney for nearly two decades and have attended hundreds of closings. I was truly impressed with our closing agent's breadth of knowledge. The personal attention and courtesy provided was unmatched in all my years of experience. Thank you for a warm and memorable experience.
Lori Arons, Esq.
Lori Arons, Attorney at Law

TitleVest is a great resource for attorneys who handle a number of different legal matters related to real estate. I use their forms often, including the powers of attorney, leases, and contracts. Their ease of use and convenience is a real service to the New York community of lawyers. Thanks, TitleVest.
Manuel Moses, Esq.

What I love best about TitleVest begins with your incredible team of employees. Your team is beyond kind, courteous and efficient. The turnaround time is not only quick, but the work is accurate and the service impeccable. It is the best customer service that I have experienced from any title company, hands down.
Mara Sabalones
Siminou & Associates, P.C.

Thank you TitleVest for providing a great online experience!
Marc Kaufman, Esq.
The Law Office of Katz and Matz, PC

TitleVest provides quality service at a cost that is less expensive then nearly all of its competitors. TitleVest's library of offering plans and amendments is a service that no one else has.
Marc Held
Lazarowitz & Manganillo

I use TitleVest on a daily basis, and I have found that what really makes the experience painless is the wonderful people who work at TitleVest. Whenever I need something rushed or have to email TitleVest, the employees are nothing but accommodating and quick to respond. Efficiency is definitely mastered at TitleVest and it can be seen with their diligence with every single order I place. I would never use anything but TitleVest because I would not trust any other company with such important work.
Maria Meyers
The Gulotta Law Group, PLLC

TitleVest has served our company for the last few months and I have been extremely satisfied with your service. Not only are your employees friendly, but the quality of service you provide is quick and efficient. I mostly use your company to file UCC-1's and the turnaround time is pretty quick. We were using another company as well, but decided to go with TitleVest because the service was so good. Thanks TitleVest!
Maria Salgado
Zacchia Law Group, P.C.

We have found TitleVest to be that rare support system that an attorney can rely upon - time after time.
Marie Corliss, Esq.
Corliss Law Group

I have been impressed with TitleVest's prompt service to any issues I may have. They are courteous and professional in their responses. Their work is thorough which has been difficult to find with other competing title companies. There are also some of my former co-workers who now work at TitleVest which makes me even more confident that the work that needs to be completed on a loan will get done. Thank you!
Marisa Carmody
J.P. Morgan Chase

TitleVest is the best title company that I have ever used. Such experienced and professional employees with A++ services!!
Marisa Yang, Esq.
Law Office of Fei Liu

I am a solo practitioner and have been a TitleVest user for more than 5 years. The combination of a robust online presence, with knowledgeable support staff readily available by phone, fast service, and competitive pricing have made TitleVest my choice.
Marjorie Smith, Esq.
Law Office of Marjorie Smith

TitleVest has remarkably fast, accurate turnarounds on applications -- Coop reports in less than 24 hours, continuations in a few hours. All with no upcharges or hidden fees.
Mark Birnbaum, Esq.
Naidich, Wurman, Birnbaum & Maday, LLP

I have been extremely impressed with your services. The interactive website is great. When I am on the sell side, you make it so easy to prepare ACRIS and on the buy side, I don't need to bother anyone for a title bill as it is all online.
Mark Nussbaum, Esq.
Altman Schochet LLP

TitleVest will file a 1099 for you! Less work for attorneys!
Martha McCarty, Esq.
Law Office of Martha Sokol McCarty, PC

TitleVest gives the fastest service and employs wonderful professional and friendly staff. I highly recommend them!
Mary Sheridan, Esq.
Local 237-Legal Services Plan

The turnaround time was very good and the personnel has been very pleasant to work with!
Mary Bishop
Crossroads Finance

TitleVest is amazing. I own Stetson Real Estate and TitleVest has pleased my clients. The website allows estimated closing costs to be accessed in a second and our rep has expedited difficult closings, saving the day. I recommend TitleVest to all of my firm's clients. Thank you TitleVest!
Mary Stetson
Stetson Real Estate, LLC

TitleVest's staff is incredibly knowledgeable, professional, and always helpful. The ACRISasap function is the perfect tool to assist with my clients' needs for ACRIS transfer forms, and even with the most stringent deadlines, the TitleVest staff is always willing to go above and beyond!
Mary Andriko, Esq.
PC Law Associates, Ltd.

When looking at websites for continuing education classes when it was time for me to renew my Associate Broker License, I came across TitleVest I have been with Halstead Property for about 13 years and have often heard of TitleVest in conjunction with various closings. TitleVest has established themselves as a premier company In the industry. I had no idea that TitleVest also offered wonderful Continuing Ed classes. Thus far, I have taken one class and I was so impressed with the professionalism of the staff and their friendliness. The other thing that really impressed me was the quality of the class material and the knowledge of the instructor. He kept the class very involved in the lecture/discussion and maintained an interactive environment .. no easy feat to keep a group of busy real estate brokers' attention! I have registered for another class next week and I am looking forward to it! Upon my return to the office, I emailed Halstead brokers to share this "great find" with them. I am sure you will be meeting many of us in the future.
Mary Bezirjian
Halstead Property

As a real estate agent in Manhattan, it's important to know the "go-to" people in every industry, so I can add value to my clients by connecting them with the best. I confidently recommend my clients use TitleVest for their title-related needs and also appreciate their continuing education courses as well as access to offering plans.
Matthew Jupin

TitleVest has phenomenally quick service, is inexpensive and unbelievably helpful to a practicing attorney!
Michael Siegel, Esq.
Michael R. Siegal & Associates, P.C.

TitleVest has always provided our firm with prompt, efficient and diligent service. Electronic delivery of search results and commitment updates is a real plus, and the website is easy to navigate and a useful resource to our practice.
Michael Profita, Esq.
Profita & Associates, LLC

TitleVest offers unparalleled service. They provide detailed, quality searches and information, they are fast and efficient, and their website is always intuitive and easy to navigate. When I deal with TitleVest, it is one less thing I have to worry about.
Michael Weinstein, Esq.
The Law Firm of Michael D. Weinstein

I just wanted to first thank the TitleVest crew for their professionalism and diligence in the mortgage process. I always dealt with an abstract company and had a great relationship with them. After hearing about TitleVest I said let me give them a try. And for a year now I have nothing but praises to talk about. Keep up the great work and thanks for all the help and support you guys do.
Michael Bacani
J.P. Morgan Chase

I am not big on giving testimonials, but your professionalism and ability to help resolve difficult situations quickly and efficiently, warrants sharing my thoughts with the public. I have and will continue to recommend other attorneys to use your services.
Michael Grodofsky, Esq.
Law Office of Michael Grodofsky

It is a pleasure to recommend TitleVest to other attorneys. You have always provided excellent service and great support.
Michael Alperstein, Esq.
Law Office of Michael Alperstein

I have always been incredibly pleased with TitleVest's responsiveness in handling my lien searches. In addition, TitleVest's recent addition of Coop Due Diligence searches has been well received by those of my clients who are purchasing coops and desire the added level of project screening provided by these searches. TitleVest is a clear winner for my firm when it comes to representing the coop buyer.
Michael Horgan, Jr., Esq.
Begos Horgan & Brown LLP

While I enjoy and frequently take advantage of TitleVest's intuitive, user-friendly website, what sets TitleVest apart is their staff. Everyone at TitleVest in every department is knowledgeable, thorough and eager to satisfy their clients. Every time I have called TitleVest with a question - even a question on a deal TitleVest is not involved in - the TitleVest professionals have been responsive and helpful. And of course everyone in a closing will be happy to have one of their world-famous pens! In short, I highly and without reservation recommend TitleVest for all of your title needs.
Michael Bedell, Esq.
Bedell & Forman LLP

TitleVest has made preparing Deeds and Transfer documents as easy as can be. I always look forward to the way the website flows making a tough job much easier! I don't think I could do as good of a job if I didn't have TitleVest helping me every step of the way!
Michele Olinsky
The Law Offices of Craig A. Fine

One of my favorite parts of using TitleVest is their website. You can find anything you need for your file on the website 24 hours a day! It is so easy to use and is the best resource of any title company in the NYC area. No need to call anyone, everything can be done online quickly and easily. I especially love ACRISasap which pulls the info right from the lien search or title report so you don't have to retype it and generates the ACRIS form right there for you. It is amazing!
Michelle Tepper, Esq.
The Law Offices of Michelle R. Tepper, PLLC

The extra benefits that you provide to REBNY members are notable, and in my opinion, extremely well-conceived and highly useful (which is not always the case with the REBNY benefits program).
Mindy Diane Feldman
Halstead Property, LLC

TitleVest makes it very easy and simple not only to order cooperative searches right online but you also make the search readily available online within 2 business days. Your website is very user-friendly and your turnaround time is amazing which means a lot to a very busy law office. Thanks again for all your help.
Myra Middleton
Lawrence T. Lowen, P.C.

What I love about TitleVest is your prompt responses to emails and turnaround time of title reports. I love the convenience of logging into TitleVest.com and retrieving title and lien searches. But the best quality of TitleVest is customer service, always warm and kind :) Keep up the good work!!!!!
Natali Ubinov

The thing I love most about TitleVest is turn times, personalized customer service and ease of process. Keep up the great work!
Natasha Levin
Wells Fargo

I love love you guys. You have had a positive impact on my business as well as personal life. Businesswise your CE real estate classes are the best and many of them are better than the ones that are offered by other organization at a cost. I have used the online library to pull up offering plans on coops and condos for my deals. You guys have made me look good when referring you to clients and colleagues for business, everyone always has positive feedback. On a personal note my wife and I recently refinanced our coop and before I could even suggest TitleVest when I was going over the paperwork, who do you think the lender chose to handle our title work? Yes, you guessed it, TitleVest. As long as I am with NY real estate I am with TitleVest.
Nedvonne Young
Platinum Properties

TitleVest provides real estate professionals with critical and accurate information. Services are provided with an emphasis on thoroughness and efficiency.
Nelson Pang
Variety Properties LLC

TitleVest makes my job easier each time I use them! Their professionalism and willingness to help is truly amazing! No matter how many questions or revisions I may have they come through with helpful and reliable service every time. I have yet to encounter anyone there that has not been more than willing to help. I can always count on a timely response by phone or email and a great turnaround time. I truly appreciate all of their hard work and dedication!
Nichole McArthur

TitleVest empowers me to close real estate deals with confidence and speed.
Nick Parker
Ardor New York Real Estate

I have certainly appreciated being in the TitleVest loop and taking advantage of their expedited service on most transactions. Your company has been exemplary.
Nick Soriano, Esq.
The Law Office of Nicholas Soriano

I have and will continue to use TitleVest because of the service they provide and because of the people they employ. I have always found them to be helpful and willing to go that extra mile. I would unhesitatingly recommend TitleVest to provide all your title insurance needs.
Norma Gordon
Coyle & Associates, LLP

Since 2007 we have enjoyed the experience of doing business with a company that has shown us superior customer service. Communications Capital Group has dabbled in other title companies for our title needs, but none have come near to the professional level of experience and expertise of TitleVest. As most of us know, insurance rates of title premiums are pretty much the same across the board, it is the level of customer service and knowledge that makes TitleVest stand out above the crowd. Thank you for your continued support of our endeavors to serve our Site Owners with the absolute best in the telecommunications industry.
Pamela Martin
Communications Capital Group, LLC

What I love about TitleVest is their fast and accurate service and their reliability, the ease of ordering a lien search and a continuation search online and being able to easily access lien searches previously ordered online. I have never had a problem with any of the orders we have placed with them. Our firm has used them since 2003. They have been the most inexpensive title company and have only recently increased their prices to meet those of the industry standard with great concern on how the price increase will affect their customers. I would and have recommended them to other attorneys. I look forward to working with them in the future.
Patricia Jimenez
Rapaport Brothers, P.C.

TitleVest is the best. The best service, the best price and the quickest service.
Paul Merandi
Grand Marshall Machinery

I have found TitleVest's services to be outstanding. I most appreciate the ease of preparation of ACRIS documents with TitleVest's "ACRISasap" which permits me to quickly and accurately generate ACRIS documents despite my limited computer skills. I also appreciate TitleVest's computer file of coop documents which enables me to provide due diligence services for my clients in short order.
Paul Altruda, Esq.
Law Office of Paul F. Altruda

I love TitleVest for its periodic information about the latest innovations and requirements of practicing law in this state. As our profession becomes more oriented to computers, TitleVest becomes an indispensable tool. I intend to use TitleVest in all my future title company needs.
Paul Gerstner, Esq.
Law Office of Paul Gerstner

No one can beat TitleVest's service and turnaround and their technology and online tools are far superior to what anyone else offers. TitleVest's investment in state of the art technology not only simplifies real estate transactions, but saves time and and having on-line access to all past orders is an invaluable asset.
Paula Fenton, Esq.

A busy practice needs a title company that is fast, accurate, knowledgeable, and efficient. TitleVest is all of these things and more. That works for me every time.
Peter Cherneff, Esq.
Watkins & Cherneff

What sets TitleVest apart from other title companies are its employees. The customer service they are able to provide are without a doubt the best I have received. From the sales department, to processing and to closing and legal departments, TitleVest employees provide helpful and detailed assistance to make sure both colleagues and clients alike are satisfied. As a mortgage loan officer, I choose TitleVest over other companies because of their easy-to-use website and quick responses from their staff. The attention to detail to our shared clients' information enables us to close loans effectively and without any issues. I am proud to be working with TitleVest because I know they will get the job done.
Peter Langone
PNC Mortgage

With response times measured in minutes, I can rely on TitleVest to consistently provide me with convenient access to offering plans and other time sensitive information that helps keep my business running efficiently.
Peter Boehm
Stribling & Associates

I want to thank you for your generosity in allowing all members of the bar access to you data base of forms. In addition, your live help with the change in NY's power of attorney forms was invaluable. It appears that you are a reservoir of knowledge for lawyers who practice in the field of real estate. Your replies are always prompt, informative and accurate.
Peter Noto, Esq.
Noto & Noto PLLC

I live for technology and TitleVest delivers just that. What I like best is when I'm representing a seller and the buyer's attorney has chosen TitleVest, because it means all my transfer documents are going to be prepared for me quickly, correctly, and with no fee to my client.
Peter Weinman, Esq.
The Law Offices of Peter J. Weinman

"CONGRATULATION IS IN ORDER".To my knowledge NO title service company has made such progress in the time frame which you have. You have covered every aspect of the title industry's needs and has made it easy, acceptable and inexpensive by using technology and personal service.
Rashmin Mehta, Esq.
Law Office of Rashmin Mehta

TitleVest's service is excellent and I'm pleased to work with your staff to resolve any issues pertaining to titles. Your staff will work with me in any way they can until I get the final product. This is why we started using your services more and more this year.
Raul Aranda
Municipal Credit Union

I love that TitleVest has automated multiple workflows that were once such a chore. While I like most is that like my firm, TitleVest is using technology to provide a better experience in the real estate transaction.
Ray Schmitz
Charles Rutenberg Realty

As strictly a real estate attorney, I have found the services provided by TitleVest to exceed my expectations I have had for a title company. Your website is detailed, informative, and simple to navigate. All of my records are on my account site and with a simple click, I can bring up each client's orders and all corresponding documents. Those few times when I have needed to communicate directly with your customer service department, prompt responses by email or telephone were always received. Customer service is a top priority at TitleVest. Returning to a title company that does not offer the services provided by TitleVest, both online and offline, is certainly not an option. Thank you.
Regina Herring, Esq.
District Council 37 Municipal Employees Legal Services

We are delighted to order our co-op searches through TitleVest. There is no other company that works as quickly or efficiently as TitleVest does. We obtain confirmations almost immediately upon order and our documents are recorded the same day we submit them. We cannot imagine how TitleVest can improve upon their already fabulous service!
Renee Fein, Esq.
Alan H. Fein, P.C.

TitleVest provides an amazingly user-friendly system. Excellent product and customer service. Keep up the good work!
Richard Stern, Esq.

In my 30 years of practice there have been only 2 software packages that I have subscribed to which have simplified my practice and made it more profitable. The first is the Drafting Legalese forms package and the second is yours. Each time I use TitleVest I marvel at the ease at which one can create ACRIS documents; to the extent I can't believe ACRIS itself has not incorporated your proprietary software somehow on its own site.
Richard Peskin, Esq.
Richard Peskin, Attorney at Law

There are several things that I appreciate about the TitleVest website. To begin with, you don't need to be computer "savvy" to use it. It is so simple to use that it makes life easier. Plus, it doesn't take long to navigate, and being a time-conscious attorney, that is extremely useful. Ordering searches or ACRIS forms takes just minutes. And even more impressive is the response time. You never have to ask for it to be done as a "rush" because you get it right away. As a solo practitioner, this website has made my real estate practice much more efficient.
Richard Klein, Esq.
Law Offices of Richard Klein

I have used your services for a few years now and they have always been great. TitleVest has a huge library of offering plans that are easily accessible online and quick turnaround on printed copies as well. Also the amazing free continuing education classes that TitleVest offers are well run and cover a variety of interesting topics. All these services are a huge benefit to me as a real estate agent. Keep up the great work delivering new and innovative services.
Robert Meehan
Level Group

With TitleVest whether it is their incredibly useful website or resourceful staff you always feel like you are in the right hands. When it comes to real estate transactions I can always breathe a sigh of relief when the title company is TitleVest because it allows me to take full advantage of their wonderful services! When I first started communicating with TitleVest the attentive staff was on a first name basis with me after only my first few orders. Not only that but their website is a testament to how far ahead of the competition they really are.
Robert Lepore
Ziccardi & Rella, P.C

I recently had the good fortune to get a great listing, only to find the building management completely unresponsive. My seller had misplaced his offering plan but I knew where to go. TitleVest makes my life that much easier and the CE training is another great service that you should look into. Thanks guys!
Robert Schlederer
MNS Realty

It is a genuine pleasure to deal with TitleVest. They do business the old fashioned way - with a total customer service and customer satisfaction focus. They are all about providing personalized attention. The staff is as professional, courteous, and as competent as even the most picky customer (like me!) could ever ask for. Add to that their state-of-the-art sophisticated software and a successful encounter is a virtual guarantee. A more refreshing experience is hard to imagine.
Robert Dierker, Esq.
IMCI Technologies

TitleVest has the best ACRIS prep service hands down of any title company in the NY area. Regardless of whether you utilize their free ACRIS Prep or their fee service, you can always get someone in their office to assist you with all of your questions. I have repeatedly used them for all of my coop transfers including lien searches. I would recommend TitleVest to any attorney requiring title insurance, or lien searches or the preparation of transfer tax forms.
Robin Roberts, Esq.
Dominion Management Company

I've known TitleVest from their early days. They continue to be a terrific team that provides excellent service.
Roman Fishman
The Legalist

I like the fact that TitleVest is so 21st Century. Access to documents is so easy online. The company is very informative and the legal staff is very helpful with regard to title issues. The speed of access and knowledgeable staff makes for a winning combination.
Ronald Lipsky, Esq.
Stuart Lipsky, P.C.

I am amazed at the speed with which TitleVest can produce a report - I am also impressed by the prompt, professional service I receive when I call the office. Finally, your web site is great for instant access to reports and forms. Keep up the good work.
Ronald Zezima, Esq.
Law Office of Ronald V. Zezima

I knew TitleVest was special from my first beta test of the ingenious ACRISasap program. TitleVest's most recent innovations providing Condominium and Cooperative Offering Plans on demand to the swiftest turnaround of Cooperative Lien Searches and UCC filings in the business show a continued commitment to providing the most useful, cost and time savings features to its users. Thank you TitleVest.
Rosemary Proto, Esq.
Law Office of Rosemary Proto

I first started using TitleVest around 2009-2010 and have always been impressed with its ease of use, its great customer service (your staff rocks) and its straightforward pricing. With respect to that last aspect, I have (ashamedly) used other title companies before and always felt there was a level of game playing and fee hiking when it came time to close the deal. However, that has never been my experience with TitleVest. The web-based open platform makes it very easy to check and track the status of my orders and signals a company willing to embrace current technologies to increase efficiencies for the clients they service.
Roy Locke, Jr., Esq.
Law Offices of Roy Locke

My experiences with TitleVest are all favorable, to the point where I have come to rely upon it in all of my real estate transaction. I know that if I call TitleVest for a lien search in a coop transaction, I will receive the results of that search quickly and in a complete format that is error free. I use TitleVest for my ACRIS forms and there too I have complete confidence in the product that TitleVest is sending to me. The personnel at TitleVest is efficient, very friendly and most importantly will take the time to provide me with guidance and assistance when I need it. Finally, there is the ease of use of the TitleVest products. I am of a generation that looks at online sites and wonders "how am I going to get through this". With TitleVest, the sites seem to be made specifically for me. The pages are user-friendly, informative and produce exactly what is advertised. In short, TitleVest is my go to company fo my real estate transactions.
Roy Satine, Esq.
Law Office of Roy A. Satine

As a fairly busy attorney, I find TitleVest a great resource. it's easy to use and navigate - even for someone who's not a 'techie' - and saves me valuable time and money, which is a really good thing. And if you have questions or issues arise in filling out their online real estate forms that you don't know how to deal with their customer service reps are helpful (and never laugh at my 'silly' questions). In sum, I highly recommend TitleVest!
Ruth Gursky, Esq.
Law Office of Ruth M. Gursky

TitleVest tools have become assets to our business that are irreplaceable. I appreciate the group of professionals you have put together at TitleVest.
Samantha White
J.P. Morgan Chase

What I love best about using TitleVest is the quick service I always receive. There is always someone you can talk to who is extremely helpful and friendly with any issues you might have. Thank you TitleVest for your continued help and service.
Sandi Sperling
Time Equities, Inc.

I cannot speak highly enough of your company. Customer Service is outstanding. Your team works with a high level of professionalism and is very responsive yet manages to be very courteous in every communication. It is rare to come across a company that can also provide quick technical solutions and be a great leader in Customer Service. How a company resolves problems and treats every customer is the true measure of success. I want to take this opportunity to thank your team and to wish you continued success!
Sandra Maharaj
J.P. Morgan Chase

TitleVest has always resolved any issues and assisted me with any problems. It is a good feeling knowing that when I call or email any of the staff on any matter they are always professional and there to help. All requests are prioritized and the end results are always great! Keep up the great Job.
Sandra Forero
J.P. Morgan Chase

The offering plan services offered by TitleVest are second to none. It is such an easy process and we are thrilled to no longer have to take up so much space storing the hard copies. All of the employees I have interacted with have been extremely responsive and most of all helpful. It is a pleasure doing business with them and I would absolutely recommend TitleVest to anyone!
Sarah Alvarez
Stribling & Associates

The TitleVest system is streamlined and foolproof. It's like having a virtual Redweld!
Sarah Tallent, Esq.
Reinhardt LLP

TitleVest has managed the impossible: dragging most of the antediluvian aspects of real estate transactions into the 21st Century. TitleVest is my first and only choice.
Saul Feiger, Esq.
Saul Feiger, Attorney at Law

I am new to working with TitleVest and have heard great things about the folks there and the website, which I look forward to becoming more familiar with.
Scott Lippman
J.P. Morgan Chase

What I like best About TitleVest The personalized service, without fail Whether by letter, phone or email Always available at the drop of a hat Questions answered just like that That's why I choose to use TitleVest For what they do, they're the best
Scott Stram, Esq.
Stram Law

What I love best about TitleVest: the CLE classes. They are always very informative and interesting. They are taught by experts who pass along great tips and their views on the issues on the agenda. As an independent broker not affiliated with any of the big brokerage firms, I find the CLE sessions extremely valuable to gain insight and knowledge on current real estate matters, as well as a great opportunity to network with fellow brokers.
Sebastien Fossel
Transatlantic Consulting Group

I am new to TitleVest and I must admit I am very pleasantly surprised. I get such personal attention from a company that's both so large and so technologically advanced. I love preparing ACRISasap on your site and what I love even more is the service you provide. A representative is always available to walk me through the process and answer any questions in a most knowledgeable and friendly manner.
Seryl Zanger
Babad Management

The most impressive experience I had was with ACRISasap. It's easy and efficient. When I needed assistance and called, the staff was courteous and immediately responded to my needs. The follow up email post-closing providing the recording information was the icing on the cake.
Seth Yavne, Esq.
Law Office of S. Seth Yavne

TitleVest provides some of the most cutting-edge technology in the marketplace directly to their clients through their website - they are consistently leading the market in technology innovations. That focus helps to simplify the process for other service providers and clients and makes them a great choice for your title needs.
Seth Richard
National Retail Group

I have been in practice for more than 35 years and have engaged the services of many title companies and agents. With particular regard to lien searches for coops and cooperative leasehold title insurance, there is no agency that is more efficient or precise than TitleVest. Searches are completed in one day, sometimes without asking and UCC's can be filed in a matter of hours. The ACRIS preparation system is a breeze and personal assistance either on the phone or online is always available and prompt to address title issues.
Seymour Magier, Esq.
Magier & Savrin

What do I love about TitleVest? How much time do you have? It's one stop shopping with a wealth of trustworthy and current info available at the click of a mouse. Requests are handled without delay, turnaround times are the fastest in the business, and accurate costs are stated up front. Whether by telephone or email, customer service is excellent. I know if I need something, I can call TitleVest and the person on the other end of the line will be friendly, knowledgeable and willing to assist. TitleVest is a quality operation all around, and I consider them my go-to title company.
Sharmila Narain, Esq.
Savran Law, PLLC

TitleVest is my title vendor of choice because your website is the most user-friendly. Although their customer support team over the phone is great, I find that I rarely need to call, because their email response is so fast. This is such a time-saver! What blew me away was in the wake of Hurricane Sandy, you all were so proactive- our orders were still coming through with little or no delay. I was later told that your office had no power and also was unreachable because of the devastation of that storm. I would like to sincerely thank you all for all of your hard work, and truly looking forward to our continued business relationship.
Sheena Ali
The Law Firm of Ryan J. Walsh & Associates, PLLC

I have been working with TitleVest for a few years now and there are many things that I like. They are a great help for me in assisting me with learning about the building via their offering plan service. It's easy and very convenient to look through the digital version and the customer service is right there to assist you when you have a question or you need guidance. Their classes for continue education is just wonderful and the subject is very well selected. I enjoy it every time I go.
Simon Simantov
Nest Seekers International

I have been using TitleVest over the past several years for lien search, title search and insurance and 1031 issues as they arise on occasion. I also make use of the services TitleVest provides when it comes to meeting the individual needs of my clients for recording deeds, mortgages and other documents. I have found that TitleVest, as a service provider in the real estate industry, has been very helpful to my office and the requirements of my real estate clients and for that I am most grateful. Their legal department is on top of the issues I present to them in any number of matters and includes dealing with the New York City Department of Finance for filing transfer tax returns and any number of other like type documents such as amendments to Declaration of Condominium and related forms. As a sole practitioner I have come to rely on the advice, counsel and service assistance of TitleVest and its staff, all of whom are prompt to respond to my inquiries and keep me informed. Thank you.
Stanley Weitzenberg, Esq.
Law Office of Stanley J. Weitzenberg

What has most impressed me most about TitleVest is your people. They respond immediately, are always helpful and cheerful, and get back to you when they say they will. Today, technology has somewhat leveled the playing field, but what was true in the past is even more so today, people make the difference, and yours are the best.
Stephen Monaco, Esq.
Law Office of Stephen C. Monaco

Being in the real estate field, I deal with many title companies, and TitleVest is my favorite title company for one simple reason. Service. I have never been put on hold for an excessively long time, I have never been told someone is out of office and I would have to wait until tomorrow. An associate has always helped me and answered all my questions and needs.
Steve Smith, Esq.
The Law Office of Stan G. Horowitz

I was introduced to TitleVest for my first closing. As a new attorney thrown into "the lion's den", TitleVest made it extremely easy to navigate the many documents i needed to do a successful closing and minimizing my expenses by making everything available online, in an easy format, and accessible from everywhere. Also the 24 hour turnaround was amazing, the customer service phenomenal, and all around, an extremely friendly company.
Steven Yuniver, Esq.
The Kleyman Law Firm

TitleVest's staff and response times are excellent.
Stuart Lipsky, Esq.
Stuart Lipsky, P.C.

TitleVest provides quick and reliable service. Their website is easy to navigate and the people who work at TitleVest are helpful and quick to respond to questions and emails. They are extremely reliable.
Susan Grayburn, Esq.
Law Office of Susan Grayburn

I was very happy using TitleVest on both sides of the transaction. The orders were processed quickly and email confirmations were received in a timely fashion. When there was an issue or question about a filing, TitleVest contacted me and completed the filing without delay.
Suzanne Albin, Esq.
Albin Law Firm

I LOVE working with TitleVest for 2 reasons. First, is they "ROCK" in customer service. Whether by email or by phone I always have someone to speak to or answer my questions at a moment's notice. Second, their technology is the best in the industry, hands down! No other Title Company even comes close to providing the ease of ordering, legal document preparation and ease of use. TitleVest gets my vote and my business!
Thomas Wiggin, Esq.
Thomas Wiggin, P.C.

The account rep and staff has been a pleasure to work with,and have answered all my questions regarding title and fee 24/7.
Thomas Lau
Wells Fargo

TitleVest.com is an easy and streamlined experience. Customer service is also very helpful. The new wave of Offering Plan accessibility is great.
Timothy McCarthy
Stribling & Associates

The TitleVest website is an excellent interface between the company and its customer base. It has become an excellent "go to" resource, particularly for calculating closing costs, generating legal documents and getting current real estate related news. Though I have not yet tried out the ACRISasap, I plan to the next time I have to prepare these documents. TitleVest is definitely abreast of technology in the real estate transaction field.
Todd Lewis

There are several things that I LOVE about TitleVest, but the one aspect that stands out the most is the ease with which I can fill out the information required on the Closing Cost Calculator in order to determine the Real Estate Mortgage and Transfer Taxes for specific counties which is my primary use for your Website. TitleVest also provides the most current, detailed information while breaking it down into detailed categories which has allowed me to Estimate Total Closing Costs for my Clients more efficiently. I have NEVER had any technical issues with TitleVest and it has proven to be a very valuable asset and tool in my everyday job performance and I really appreciate having such a valuable tool that makes my job a lot easier. Please continue the excellent work at TitleVest!!! Thank You!!! Thank You!!! Thank You!!!
Valerie Barber
Bank Of America N.A.

TitleVest.com is a no nonsense, simple, fast, easy, non-convoluted website for all title related work. The best!
Vasant Raja
NLC of New York, Inc

The sessions offered to brokers are among the best in the city, very informative and concise. Allowing brokers to gain Continuing Education hours with actual information that benefits our business and our clientele. I've found everyone I've come in contact with at TitleVest to be very accommodating and will continue to use their services and provide referrals accordingly.
Whitney Didier
Keller Williams

I have had the pleasure of using TitleVest for my closings for the past several years. They are professional and timely in all their business transactions and I recommend them to all my clients.
William Moses
Unison Site Management

Thank you very much TitleVest. I have been using your Offering Plan Library a lot since most of my transactions are involved with Coop and Condo apartments, your service helps us serve our clients better and more efficiently than ever.
Yoshinori Takita
888 Realty Inc.

1. Communication: The front desk is very responsive and knows where to direct the call. The rest of the staff in the company responds very fast and knows what to say and the process of the work. They reply via email very fast and professionally. The paper work product follows fast. I had a great experience with communication. 2. Service & technology: TitleVest offers a full range of services. They are real professionals. When I discuss details about my transaction with them, they offered great options about what could be done and how long it will take, and so on. They apparently noticed my concern and they quickly and efficiently came up with many helpful suggestions and ideas. They helped me with every element of my inquiry and booking with courtesy, professionalism, and helpfulness. I was really impressed. They gave a detailed time table and schedule of when it will be done, which is very efficient for me to set up steps for clients and the other party. They finished the work prior to the set schedule. They provided the work on their website after they offered me the user name and password, which was sent the moment after they promised. When the work was done, they sent an email summarizing the work and offering the web access. When I accessed the website, the interface wass very easy to read. All the buttons and demands worked perfectly. It is not like some other websites that one has to go through a lot of steps before you finally see the information you are looking for. After the work was done, they also sent a paper copy to the relevant address. The reports was of good quality with a binder to avoid damage to the report. Their work was of great value to me and my clients. They really have set the benchmark for quality title insurance customer service standards and have gained a very loyal and satisfied customer.
Zhiyuan Qian, Esq.
Graduate of Financial Services Law Program Chicago-Kent College of Law

I would first like to thank TitleVest for offering the CE class on representing Foreign Buyers. It was wonderful and very informative. I will be sure to refer TitleVest to my colleagues and clients. Furthermore, I was extremely impressed with your team/staff. TitleVest is a company that prides themselves on giving a potential owner of a property the "REAL" information that protects and informs them of what they will be purchasing. TitleVest helps my clients feel protected and I will always use TitleVest's services for my business!
Collette Smith
Halstead Property, LLC

TitleVest's new coop due diligence service has been a most useful tool. The speed at which the reports are completed drastically reduces the due diligence phase of coop transactions to the satisfaction of all parties involved. The format and quality of the reports enable clients to make a truly informed decision prior to proceeding with a transaction. I am also looking forward to participating in TitleVest's planned database for offering plans.
Anthony Carone, Esq.
Carone & Associates. PLLC

After over 20 years working with some of the biggest real estate support companies in the industry, I just completed my first transaction with TitleVest - and I was totally knocked over by your operation. In addition to cutting-edge technology and flawless execution, TitleVest offered me ACRISasap, which totally erased the significant anxiety of dealing with the City's ACRIS system and saved me time and my client money. ACRISasap even pulled most of the information required from the lien search itself and in less than two minutes, I was done. The process was so painless that I even phoned TitleVest to make sure that I hadn't missed something!!! I will truly miss that queasy feeling in the pit of my stomach when a new matter comes in that requires an ACRIS filing. Instead, I'll just jump right onto your website.
Adam Epstein, Esq.
Law Office of Adam E. Epstein, Esq.

Before TitleVest came along with ACRISasap, preparing the ACRIS forms took me the better part of a morning. My computer skills are still rather lacking to put it mildly. But even with my limited tech ability, ACRISasap has me doing in a few minutes what used to take hours. For me, ACRISasap is better than sliced bread! It's a God-send and a miracle, all thanks to the people at TitleVest!
Alan Franklin, Esq.
Alan M. Franklin, P.C.

Before using ACRSasap, preparing ACRIS documents was a laborious chore, often resulting in fits of frustration due to the time wasted trying to deal with the "technology" we were compelled to deal with. There were many times I would spend over an hour on a single set of transfer documents, either due to delays, server overload, or just plain glitches! Unfortunately, multiple complaints to the powers that be at the NYC IT hotline were typically met with responses like, "We are trying to address your concerns, but we'll need some time. When a colleague showed me your site, I thought to myself, "hopefully this will be a bit easier." Well, it certainly was, and it's wonderful! Thank you to you and your staff for this truly instrumental tool in my law practice!
Jessie Burke, Esq.
Mason & Mason, P.C.

I found that utilizing TitleVest's ACRISasap dramatically decreased the time I spent preparing NYC Tax docs. It has made what was an unpleasant task into a fast, efficient exercise. We all know exercise is a good thing. I recommend anyone who needs to prepare ACRIS docs use TitleVest's ACRISasap.
Kevin Watson, Esq.
Law Office of Kevin Watson

Panic always used to set in when I had to prepare ACRIS documents because only about 10% of my practice is in New York City. With TitleVest's ACRISasap no more anxiety. It takes less than a minute to fill in the boxes with this program and the documents are ready to go right away. It's like being on autopilot. Thank you!
Karen Coape-Arnold, Esq.
Law Office of Karen Coape-Arnold

Ever since I first began using TitleVest's ACRISasap, I immediately stopped using the NYC site. ACRISasap is easy, intuitive and avoids duplication of entries so as to streamline the process into an almost enjoyable one. It avoids all of the duplication of entries and difficulty in page maneuvering that the NYC site presents. I am not sure of the cost savings, but it is far in excess of the nominal fee you charge.
Jerome Strelov, Esq.
Jerome J. Strelov, Attorney at Law

Prior to using TitleVest's ACRISasap I never actually completed transfer tax forms on the NYC ACRIS website. Although I'm relatively technologically adept, the City's ACRIS website is the most unintuitive program I've ever run across. TitleVest's ACRISasap is the total opposite of the city's website. It is quick and easy to use. It's allowed me to better serve my clients and to save them money. Instead of passing along the cost of having a third party prepare ACRIS forms, I offer it as part of my legal fee. The less extras that are added on to a client's bill, the happier they are and the more apt they are to recommend me to others.
Jay Ringel, Esq.
Law Office of Jay Ringel

When the City's ACRIS website was first unveiled, it was met by cries of dismay from real estate practitioners. ACRIS created more layers of bureaucracy, more paperwork, and a very unfriendly user interface to contend with. Soon thereafter, TitleVest's ACRISasap came to the rescue. ACRISasap provided the antidote to the endless frustration of having to use the ACRIS system to generate closing documents. I cannot thank you enough for this valuable service you have provided to the real estate community. Congratulations on receiving your patent and I look forward to the next innovation from TitleVest.
David Sloan, Esq.
Law Office of David Sloan

I do use and evangelize TitleVest's ACRISasap. Like most attorneys, I hated using the city's ACRIS system, to say it is not user friendly is an understatement and the reason why most attorneys pay their title company $100 to do their ACRIS forms. On your system, I don't even think about it as a chore. In less than five minutes I can have my ACRIS forms printed out and ready to use. It's even faster when I create a sales contract on your system because ACRISasap will take the information that I entered into the contract form to populate, fill-in, the necessary fields on the ACRISasap form. And, of course if I do have a question, your staff is knowledgeable and friendly. And, as a PDF document, the forms are saved in my system and in my backup files so I knew I wouldn't have a problem on closing day. It makes my life easier and saves my clients money. I'd like to see you do the same thing for the HUD-1 form!
Martin Novar, Esq.
Law Office of Martin D. Novar

I never really knew how long it would actually take me to create ACRIS E-Tax forms because I could never get through the system without glitches or delays! TitleVest's ACRISasap is a blessing! ACRISasap is easy to use, especially for those of us who are not particularly adept at navigating computer programs. Mistakes are easy to correct and past transactions can be easily located for later reference. More importantly, the availability of TitleVest's staff to answer questions makes a world of difference.
Stacie Handwerker, Esq.
The Roth Law Firm, PLLC

Using ACRISasap from TitleVest has saved me more than 60 minutes per transaction. Prior to TitleVest's program it could take me anywhere from 60 to 90 minutes to create a set of forms, and then there was always the possibility of errors. ACRISasap is seamless and eliminates the possibility of input errors. A form can be completed in less than 10 minutes from any location.
Robert Stidolph, Esq.
Law Office of Robert Stidolph

Although I never used the NYC website to prepare ACRIS forms, my experience with the ACRISasap technology by TitleVest has been nothing but smooth and reliable. The forms are returned by e-mail with ultimate speed. It is the best.
Gerald Gasman, Esq.
Gerald B. Gasman, P.C.

It took me approximately 10 minutes to generate the ACRIS documents through TitleVest's ACRISasap. I love the online convenience. It makes my job a lot easier. Along with the other work that we do for the preparation for a closing it is comforting to know that your company looks to make my job easier and efficient.
Lloyd Thompson, Esq.
Lloyd D. Thompson, Attorney at Law

What had been taking us upwards of 30 minutes to complete on the City's official ACRIS website is now taking us no more than 10 minutes - and that includes the wait for processing and ultimate printing of the final documents. Changes are just as simple and efficient. The process is so simple and efficient that we no longer send ACRIS orders out, but we are able to have them done in-house in almost all cases. Thanks, TitleVest.
Richard Hochman, Esq.
Law Office of Richard C. Hochman

Thank you for your service. Prior to TitleVest's ACRISasap I could not complete an ACRIS filing in less than one half hour, and depending on my connection speed, it occasionally would take longer than that. I have introduced others to your service and they like I are amazed at how quickly and effortless your system is.
Martin Popovic, Esq.
Law Office of Martin L. Popovic

the City's ACRIS site takes at least 20 minutes. TitleVest's ACRISasap is truly a dream come true. The system not only saves time but also insures that all information is accurate since it only needs to be entered once. Thank you.
Risa Zieg
Joseph Kunstlinger Law Firm

I have been a real estate attorney for 30 years. I think TitleVest ACRISasap is a far simpler and easier system than the NYC system. I tried a few times using the City's ACRIS site, but I always had problems. I'm not a total idiot (I did get through Harvard and teach law as well) but found a number of questions and style of format confusing. The City system adds useless forms (water tax, etc. for a co-op). ACRIS still has many flaws...it is difficult to make minor corrections without re-doing the entire forms, and the NYC clerks have problems if you try to manually change anything. The City should make it as easy as possible for people to pay taxes on real estate transfers. Instead, it is a problematic proposition. But I think TitleVest has made it much easier to navigate and faster by remembering information, like the name and address of the Grantor attorney. Thank you, TitleVest, for providing a valuable service to the real estate community. And I like the fact all my forms are stored on the TitleVest site, easily accessible with other forms.
John Delmar, Esq.
Law Office of John Davies Delmar

What's the difference in time between the NYC web site and ACRISasap? What's the difference between right on the button and too little too late? I am a solo attorney without any clerical or paralegal support whatsoever. I do everything myself. Well, mostly everything. TitleVest's ACRISasap handles much of the heavy lifting of my closings. Really, it is quicker and more reliable than well, me. And you have to be quick and reliable when you are on your own. Well, I'm not entirely on my own. TitleVest's ACRISasap is my support staff.
Susan Kaplan, PhD, Esq.
The Kaplan Law Office

Every time I press "create your own forms" I know I should be sending a thank you. It must have taken twenty minutes every time I tried to use the City's tax website; TitleVest's ACRISasap program takes four minutes. I know this because I've timed it precisely, every time marveling at the facts that a) there's one part of the closing process that's a breeze and b) that you've just enabled me to save my client the $200 fee that I see charged routinely by other sellers' lawyers at closings. If there's ever a difficulty, for instance, pertaining to the way a coop is named, addressed or recorded, and I can't do it on my own, I shoot over a quick entreaty and you guys solve it handily. I tell every muddling lawyer I know to just type in www.TitleVest.com and go from there. Finally -- I feel like I've extended 1/100th the gratitude I should have sent before!
Helen Feuer, Esq.
Law Office of Helen A. Feuer

I am an attorney and began my career working in house at a title company in 2001 and remember when the City's ACRIS site first launched. I personally found inputting the information in ACRIS cumbersome and time consuming - I think it took at least 20-30 minutes (on a good day) to input all of the information.
Aisha Johnson Burwell
The Johnson Law Firm PLLC

It would take between 15-30 minutes to create ACRIS E-Tax Forms on the NYC ACRIS website if the site was up and operational. I have found TitleVest's ACRISasap to be indispensable to my practice as an efficient, practical and quasi-immediate response to my real estate closings. The response time for changes is invaluable as closing figures or information may change during the closing. The ability to input the changes to pre-existing forms and have it emailed back within a minute or two has been a life-saver in a number of closings. It is a great step forward to save attorneys time and money.
Peter Weiner, Esq.
Law Office of Peter Weiner

It used to take my secretary an inordinate amount of time to create ACRIS E-tax forms on the City's ACRIS website. TitleVest has truly revolutionized the process and made the lives of countless lawyers easier. It's about time someone has the vision to apply existing technologies to facilitate the real estate closing process.
Devang Shah, Esq.
Law Office of Devang C. Shah, PC

Using the City's ACRIS website could take several hours as I did not find it user friendly. TitleVest's ACRISasap is terrific as it is fast, user friendly, and a pleasure to use.
Marvin Lerman, Esq.
Law Office of Marvin S. Lerman

I did not try to use the City's ACRIS website before I used TitleVest's ACRISasap. My particular situation was a bit different, since it was not a property sale, but rather an addition of some family members to the stock certificate of a coop apartment. I had to call TitleVest to help me with filling it in. Overall, the service was provided very fast and very competently, so I had tax papers filled out in several minutes.
Aleksandr Bukharovich
Aleksandr Bukharovich

I Love TitleVest's ACRISasap! Using the City's ACRIS website used to take several hours with numerous website communication problems. TitleVest's ACRISasap is a fantastic tool and has made my office more productive. Thanks again, this is genius!
Susan Duncan
Duncan Realty & Escrow

My office has set up an account with TitleVest for years. You have a lovely user friendly tech team in support of our daily needs. I use your service whenever a buyer orders a lien search from TitleVest. We used to create our ACRIS forms directly on the City's website by spending a half hour until we realized your system takes around 5 minutes. Again, fantastic program.
Jun Wang, Esq.
Jun Wang & Associates, P.C.

Normally when I go directly to the City's ACRIS website to submit the forms the time takes from 30 to 45 minutes. And If there is an error on the information this would cause additional down time. TitleVest ACRISasap reduces not only the time but the issues involved with going directly to ACRIS. It makes it easier for a non-legal or novice to complete the forms and is an invaluable aid to my practice timewise and systemwise.
Joel Levy, Esq.
Law Office of Joel Levy

Before TitleVest's ACRISasap, it took over 30 minutes to complete the ACRIS forms on New York City's website. NYC's site is confusing and overly complicated. TitleVest's site is easy and user friendly. Now it takes half that time and unlike NYC's website TitleVest's ACRISasap is fast, effective and easy to use. Thank you TitleVest!!!!
Mark Hakim, Esq.
Law Office of Mark A. Hakim

Congratulations on the patent. NYC ACRIS typically took me about 30 minutes each time, and printing often was a problem. TitleVest's ACRISasap has cut that time down to about 5 minutes. Printing and retrieving documents is now foolproof. In addition, making any changes to a transaction was painful on the City's site, requiring you to revisit even pages where nothing changed. Revisions with ACRISasap are quick and painless. It really is a far cleaner, easier, more logical and superior interface to the City's system. Thanks for making it available.
Roger Levy
Townhouse Real Estate, Inc.

Forms submitted on the NYC ACRIS were often bounced back for a minor reason or for no reason at all (resubmitted docs with no changes were accepted the second time around). TitleVest's ACRISasap has been incredibly helpful, is easy to use and intuitive. It reduced the time it takes me to prepare ACRIS documents and made preparing for closings much easier.
Debra Powell, Esq.
Law Office of Debra Powell

I tried using the City's ACRIS website with significant frustration. With TitleVest's ACRISasap, it takes five minutes to complete something that a title company will charge $150 to complete.
Joseph McConnon, Esq.
The Law Office of Joseph McConnon & Associates, PC

Prior to using TitleVest's ACRISasap, it would take me at least 1 hour to do ACRIS docs. Inevitably there would be some error that I could not figure out. Even worse, if I had printed the documents and had to correct them later, it would be a nightmare in trying to get access again. With TitleVest, the process is great and well worth the fee. It is fast and efficient. I know that even if I order ACRIS at the last minute, the documents will get turned around, literally in minutes. Thanks for providing such a great service!
Rosa Cascardo, Esq.
Law Office of Rosa Prestia Cascardo

The NYC ACRIS system used to take 25-30 minutes to prepare transfer tax returns. With TitleVest's ACRISasap, it is less than 5 minutes. ACRISasap makes the clunky and maddeningly slow NYC system easily manageable and usable, especially if the information is imported from the forms on the TitleVest site.
Lewis Siegel, Esq.
Law Office of Lewis W. Siegel

Prior to TitleVest's ACRISasap, it would take me at least a half an hour to create ACRIS forms on the City's ACRIS website. Moreover, I needed to create them myself since it was very difficult to train my office staff on the ACRIS system. With ACRISasap I can easily create my forms in five minutes. The system is so user friendly and intuitive that a non-attorney can easily create ACRIS documents in a matter of minutes. The ability to easily "dump" the inputted information into forms such as deeds and affidavits is the cherry on top of an already flawless program. Thanks!
David Linn, Esq.
Law Office of David A. Linn

I use TitleVest's ACRISasap for all my real estate sales. The time to prepare has been cut in half to about 10 minutes a transaction. In addition, TitleVest provides extraordinary support in ACRIS preparation. On occasion I have had questions concerning estates and multiple parties, and I have always received expert guidance.
Peter Matsoukas, Esq.
Matsoukas & Matsoukas

TitleVest's ACRISasap has greatly improved our office productivity. When we used the City's ACRIS website directly it was difficult and time consuming to make any corrections. Your interface stops us from submitting incomplete information. We have estimated that it took 25 minutes or more to complete the ACRIS forms, with ACRISasap it takes less than 5 minutes. We would never try to complete a set of ACRIS forms without ACRISasap. Thank you for the great service you are providing.
William Hentrich, Esq.
Law Office of William T. Hentrich

I only tried once to use the City's ACRIS website before ACRISasap with TitleVest. It took so long that I finally gave up and called TitleVest for help. ACRISasap is a godsend. It is quick and easy and gives me one less headache to worry about in my business. I would never do ACRIS any other way.
Maxine Young, Esq.
Law Office of Maxine S. Young

It used to take me hours to create the forms on the City's ACRIS website. With TitleVest's ACRISasap, I save time, and my clients save money!
Robin Suttenberg, Esq.
Law Office of Robin J. Suttenberg

The gates of heaven are open for the creators of ACRISasap!!! When the City's ACRIS website first came out it was a nightmare, although for all intents and purposes ACRIS was also an excellent idea. Writing out the forms or even typing the forms left a lot of room for error but the task itself didn't take very long. When it became mandatory the task that took 10 or 15 min max on simple transactions started to take 30 to 60 minutes purely because few people where accustomed to answering all the questions and pretty much passed the buck to title companies. My discovery of TitleVest's ACRISasap has been a tremendous help to myself and my co-workers. They took a nightmare task and made it a breeze. Not only did they make the task effortless, but the support staff at the company have been phenomenal.
Fay Riggi
Derose & Surico

Before using ACRISasap, it would take anywhere from 15 to 30 tedious minutes to finish. Now, I can start at 11:55 PM and be finished before midnight. Even better, I can "gross up" without having to do any calculations and know that my numbers are going to be 100% correct.
Sunil Agarwal, Esq.
Sunil K. Agarwal, PC

I can remember the frustration and time wasted accessing the City's ACRIS website directly, an experience that I have not revisited since learning of TitleVest's ACRISasap. What took 30 to 40 minutes (sometimes more) before takes 10 minutes now. However, saving time is not the only advantage to using ACRISasap. Even more important is the absolute ease with which the process is completed.... answer a few simple questions, a few clicks, and done. All requisite forms and cover pages completed and printed in a matter of minutes. I wouldn't think of preparing ACRIS forms any other way.
Michael Brooks, Esq.
Law Office of Michael Brooks

I think the TitleVest's ACRISasap is great. It used to take me over an hour to do the ACRIS forms, and that was on a good day. I also would frequently have problems with printing when it was done.
Sean Fitzsimmons
Thomas Parks, Jr., P.C.

I have now used your Due Diligence service in two separate transactions. Each time I was provided with Board minutes and other relevant information within a couple of days of making the request. This service has saved me a great deal of time and has given me invaluable information which in one case gave my client a valid reason to cancel the transaction.
Jonathan Mate, Esq.
Law Offices of Jonathan L. Mate

As an attorney in Northern Westchester it is difficult for me to come into Manhattan to review the minutes of a Co-Op Board. I recently utilized TitleVest's Coop/Condo Due Diligence Service instead of traveling into Manhattan. Your service was thorough, efficient and quick, greatly saving me a great deal of time and actually saving my client the greater expense of my time. My client was appreciative of the savings and the efficiency. I can recommend your service to my fellow attorneys. The discount on the Coop search which I then ordered was also appreciated. It was a great time saver that allowed my client to get into contract quickly and with confidence.
Alan Lichtenstein, Esq.
Law Office of Alan D. Lichtenstein

I have ordered roughly a dozen due diligence orders to date. TitleVest's team of professionals are truly professionals. From the inception, a confirming email with a reference number is received, updates re: appointments and timing are received, and a detailed easy to read report is delivered. Not only am I impressed, but my clients are as well. Yes, it is an additional fee to for the clients, but once they see the product, they quickly realize that is was worth the investment. A strong recommendation.
Felix Nihamin, Esq.
Felix Nihamin & Associates, PC

I was very impressed with the results of the Coop/Condo Due Diligence Report provided to me which included a thorough review of the Board minutes. At first I was somewhat hesitant to outsource this critical due diligence task. However, after having experienced your service first hand, I now have all the confidence I need to entrust TitleVest on all of my coop and condo purchase transactions. I am certain you are going to make A LOT of real estate attorneys thrilled when they start using your service and reach the same conclusion.
Jonathan Lesser, Esq.
Law Office of Jonathan A. Lesser

The due diligence services provided by TitleVest are in my experience thorough and complete. The written reports are competitively priced and timely delivered -- sometimes in less than 48 hours. The reports serve as an excellent point of departure for assessing the strengths and weaknesses of (and the risks faced by) the target cooperative corporation or condominium association.
Chris Parnagian, Esq.
O'Hare Parnagian LLP

A great resource, prompt and reliable service - a no-brainer for any practitioner seeking to provide clients with quick, valuable and informative due diligence.
Chris Ridni
Christopher J. Ridini, Attorney at Law

The TitleVest Coop Due Diligence search was a great help to me. During the hectic months of May and June closings I was having difficulty making time to get in the City from Westchester to read co-op minutes for a client's purchase of a Manhattan co-op. TitleVest provided excellent service and quick turnaround and enabled me to do my due diligence with a nicely summarized set of board minutes. As always TitleVest provided professional expeditious service. Thank you!
Esther Mildner, Esq.
Law Office of Esther Mildner

I had the absolute pleasure of using the new Coop/Condo Due Diligence Service TitleVest now offers. The report as furnished was inclusive and informative. This service is a great time saver. I look forward to using the service again on my next transaction.
Roger Pierro, Jr., Esq.
Law Office of Roger Pierro, Jr.

I never take the time to respond to you surveys, but I do want you to know how much I value TitleVest's fabulous service, ultra quick response times, friendly and helpful staff and the "can-do" attitude of your entire office. I don't think I have ever heard the word "no" from TitleVest. Thanks for making the practice of law just a little easier.
Kevin Ribakove, Esq.
Kevin D. Ribakove, Attorney at Law

Your firm's service on a number of complicated matters we have given to your firm has been outstanding.
Richard Liebman
Andrews Kurth LLP

It has been a great pleasure to be working with TitleVest to say the least. I have never received such a quick turnaround time with docs being ordered. I am new to the company and for the 6 past months I have used TitleVest and could not believe the fast and accurate service. It makes my job so much easier to have the title and coop docs ordered and received so quickly. Thanks so much for your service A+++++++++++++++.
Jennifer McDowell
New York Mortgage a division of IndyMac Bank

It is always a pleasure to deal with TitleVest. The online ordering is quick and easy, the staff always responds quickly and is always pleasant and knowledgeable and the turnaround time from ordering to receipt is exceptional. If I need a rush, a simple phone call and it's taken care of with no worry. My overall experience with TitleVest has been great.
Linda McCallum
New York Mortgage Company, a division of IndyMac Bank

Our office LOVES your office!! We are always delighted to send all out coop lien search orders to TitleVest because we know we will get a completed report within 24 hours. The customer service is amazing and I have never spoken with a rude representative. The website is easy to navigate and I can always count on the staff to hold my hand and help me through any document I have trouble with. TitleVest's lien searches are always accurate and very easy to read.
Nirmala Kandhai
Law Office of Scott C. Eisenberg

In all honesty, ever since I heard about TitleVest, I have used this organization with all of my orders, which of course leaves all the other title agencies I have used before wondering why they don't receive any more orders. TitleVest is efficient, professional and pretty quick to respond to any questions I may have, not to mention the fact that I can order online with any state. I will definitely continue using TitleVest.
Melinda Rivas
New York Mortgage Company, a division of IndyMac Bank

In our sometimes hectic world of residential real estate transactions in New York City, what we look for in a company that we work with regularly is not only professionalism, but efficiency as well. TitleVest-1031Vest exhibits unparalleled customer service when needed, but because of their unparalleled website and technology, talking to an individual is rarely necessary. Completing title transactions and 1031 transactions has never been so easy!
Peter Graubard, Esq.
Peter Graubard & Associates

TitleVest has made life for our small firm so much easier. Being able to order a report or process ACRIS documents online without fear of security issues or bugs is simply amazing! I don't hesitate to refer the company to others most of all because of the readily available (and friendly!) help in the TitleVest offices as well. Thank you for such a wonderful service!
Theresa Gaffney
Law Office of Anthony L. Marciano

The TitleVest team was extremely responsive and professional and your technology platform is fantastic.
Rob Brown

TitleVest website is user friendly and less cumbersome than that of other title companies. The staff provides excellent customer service, knowledgeable and very courteous. Always a pleasure to work with.
Alexis Ihnatolya
Unison Site Management LLC

I frequently use the TitleVest website to quickly calculate estimated closing costs for my clients. It is a great value-add to be instantly responsive to client's requests. I have used the sites forms many times saving my clients a lot of time (and money).
Craig Delsack, Esq.
Law Offices of Craig Delsack, LLC

I have been a TitleVest customer for over five years. As a mortgage broker I do have the opportunity to order title and I send it to TitleVest because I know that the title report will be delivered when promised. A few clicks of the mouse and my order is submitted. When the report is ready it is available in PDF so I can email it out to all the involved parties. Last week I had the opportunity to send a deal to TitleVest. My client was buying 4 apartment buildings in Onondaga County. The client placed the title order with a small title company on a Monday. The title company did not respond to the order request until Thursday; and when they did finally respond they told the client that it would take at least 3-4 weeks for the title report and surveys to be completed. I called TitleVest that afternoon and they told me they could have the report done two weeks earlier than the other title company. As a mortgage broker I get paid by the deal. Shorter underwriting times mean higher profitability for my company. I know that I can rely on TitleVest and worry less.
Michael Meyer
Meyer Funding Group, Inc.

TitleVest's website is so user friendly and easy to use. I use them for every coop transaction and for other title orders as well. Customer service is great with either the website or calling over the phone. You are never left in the dark. TitleVest is also very fast, you receive whatever you order in just a few days, they will also rush as requested.
Adam Orlando
New York Mortgage Company, a division of IndyMac Bank

Our experience has been a very pleasant one. TitleVest is simply the best ... fast, responsive, reliable and professional.
John Leagh, Esq.
Leagh & Associates, PLLC

TitleVest continues to be one of the best providers of title services. Their staff is knowledgeable, courteous, and efficient. Whether generating the results of a lien search or a title search, TitleVest produces complete reports quickly and competently. By taking and confirming orders online, and providing access to the completed reports via the Internet, TitleVest expedites and facilitates the process of obtaining lien search and title search results.
Robert Gelman, Esq.
The Law Office of Robert D. Gelman

TitleVest has gotten the process of title work down to a science. Dealing with them is simple and stress-free- a great relief in an industry that is normally just the opposite!
Diane Nickelberg, Esq.
Law Office of Diane L. Nickelberg

TitleVest provides consistently excellent service at the most competitive prices backed up by superior technology and friendly, knowledgeable people. I appreciate being able to order online at odd hours, the quick delivery of my coop lien searches, and my last minute requests for having my 1031 exchanges fulfilled. Technology is great, but in the end the people at TitleVest make the difference between just getting it done and making sure their customers are satisfied.
Errika Kalomiris, Esq.
Errika Kalomiris, Esq.

I needed to change the name on the Deed to my house. I was completely overwhelmed with the paper work involved and someone at my work (a law firm) recommended TitleVest. The staff at TitleVest are very professional and followed up on matters quickly. They also guided me through my part of the process. Thanks again.
Rene Goldberg, Esq.
Law Offices of Rene Goldberg

Starting a business relationship with your company could not have come at a more opportune time. I was pleasantly surprised to learn that TitleVest handles 1031 exchanges since one of my clients inquired about utilizing it prior to our closing on one of his investment properties. Although it was a few days before our client you were able to provide us with the necessary information and documents we need for the closing. Your company's help was invaluable to making my client understand the complexities of a 1031 exchange. Needless to say, I was impressed by the promptness of your service and the knowledge of your staff. Regardless of the kind of service we require, we can only expect the best from your company. Continue the good work!!!
Jorge Meneses, Esq.
Meneses Law Offices, PC

I am sure I am not your biggest customer, but I always get name recognition and receive consistently fast, quality, courteous and reasonably priced service. In this world of impersonal relationships and commercialization this is a priceless and surprising commodity for which I am extremely grateful. As a solo practitioner I need all the help I can get from my outside services and TitleVest is always there for me. You have my vote!
Cora Glasser, Esq.
Cora J. Glasser, Attorney at Law

I have had many wonderful experiences working with TitleVest. I can remember several phenomenal jobs well done they have done for me. I have ordered title reports from TitleVest and their hard work and customer service definitely made a very stressful satiation go much easier. I really appreciate the professionalism and manner in which my orders are processed. I always felt at ease knowing that things were in TitleVest hands and that TitleVest was working hard also to help meet my deadlines. I can truly say that since I started working with TitleVest my production has increased and getting my title searches has never been so easy and convenient. This is the best experience that I've had with a title company. Thanks for not ever dropping the ball, TitleVest!
Scheree Anderson
Citibank NA

The professionals at TitleVest who work on the various aspects of the title report and searches have always done great work and responded more than promptly to my requests. I never worry once I have placed a request. I know that it will be done correctly and on time. That level of service coupled with the convenience of the internet access that you offer are the reasons I always come back to TitleVest when I have a real estate transaction.
Christine Lombardi, Esq.
The Warfield Group LLP

I am thrilled with your turnaround time for both coop lien searches and title orders. No one else in the industry can produce reports with this speed and provide the excellent customer service that TitleVest does. In addition, your TitleVest 1031 staff is knowledgeable and always willing to answer questions. I feel more than comfortable recommending your 1031 services to my clients. Thanks as always!
Rebecca Gurman, Esq.
Law Office of Rebecca L. Gurman

My experience with TitleVest has been outstanding! Their service is always fast and efficient and their fees very reasonable. I especially love the online TitleVest software and use it all the time for orders and preparing transfer documents for my seller and purchaser clients. Thank you, TitleVest!
Marina Shepelsky, Esq.
The Law Office of Marina Shepelsky

You guys are wonderful. Love ordering through the system. It's quick and easy. The quickest title company I have ever used. I ordered title report 2-3 weeks ago and I got it back within a week and that's very quick compared to other companies I used in the past. Keep up the great work guys!
Mevlida Dibra
New York Mortgage Company, a division of IndyMac Bank

I was very satisfied with your coop search capabilities. Prompt, accurate and responsive service resulted in a smooth closing.
George Smyth, Esq.
George G. Smyth, Esq.

TitleVest "1031Vest Advantage" simplifies and eliminates unnecessary complications in our law practice. Our Sellers of relinquished property are comforted to know that in TitleVest we have selected a QI (Qualified Intermediary) who is bonded and insured and backs up their service to our Exchangors with a team of attorneys and a CPA, who are always readily available so that 1031 rules and regulations are clearly understood and followed. Your company prepared the necessary documentation and oversaw each Closing and assisted in maintaining proper 1031 procedures. By providing us with guidelines and vigilantly overseeing the critical time limits throughout the entire exchange process of purchasing the replacement property, and at very competitive fees, you have made a complex transaction so easy to navigate to a successful conclusion. With your help and knowledge we now suggest, when appropriate, that our Sellers consider this tax advantaged option whenever they have significant appreciated property to sell, and want to defer capital gain taxes or avoid paying a depreciation recapture tax.
Gerald Levine
Law Office of John M. Paige

My experience with TitleVest was extraordinary. The experience, efficiency and fast service is second to none. I highly recommend using them for complex title issues.
Pasquale Calcagno, Esq.
Calcagno & Associates

I was filling in at a condo closing for a vacationing lawyer who had a fool for a client (himself). While at the table I observed to my horror that the lawyer never prepared or obtained ACRIS filing forms. TitleVest saved the day. In just a matter of moments the filing was done and the forms were faxed to the closing. TitleVest is always there.
Steven Siegel, Esq.
Law Office of Steven Seigel, PC

When TitleVest first started providing 1031 exchanges as an additional service, I was the first one to use their service. I had utmost confidence in them since I already knew how competent they were in the title business. I was not disappointed, even though it was their first time providing the service they did a superb job. I would recommend that anyone that needs a Qualified Intermediary for a 1031 exchange use TitleVest-1031Vest.
Ari Goodman, Esq.
Law Office of Ari Goodman

My job is to service my clients, that's why I rely on TitleVest. They are professional and reliable - two qualities I and my clients value. TitleVest makes it easy. They offer excellent prompt service and are available on a moment's notice, which enhances the real estate transaction.
Karen Hirsch, Esq.
Law Office of Karen Hirsch

Flat out you guys are great. Prompt service and always someone to talk to. I cannot see doing business with any other title company. Keep up the great work!!!
Marc Cerra
Guaranteed Home Mortgage Company Inc

It has been a delight to have my cooperative lien searches, 1031 like kind exchanges and title work taken care of by TitleVest and its subsidiaries. Most admirable is that TitleVest is on the cutting edge of technology, including the wonderful ACRISasap, and that translates to much less unnecessary work for me. After 31 years in the practice of law, less unnecessary work is a very much desired result.
Reuben Samuel, Esq.
Levine Samuel, LLP

As a busy real estate attorney, I have extensive experience working with numerous title companies -- and I can honestly say -- TitleVest is by far the best title company I have ever worked with. I choose TitleVest time and time again because their customer service is far superior to other companies, their response time is the quickest, their representatives are extremely knowledgeable and always available to answer questions right on the spot. I have found that the 'turnaround time' for any order or request is almost immediate which enables my transactions to proceed smoothly and rapidly. The website -- which is my favorite feature -- is so convenient and easy to use. With just a few clicks of a button I've ordered new titles, found crucial legal documents and even created ACRIS documents from the comfort of home, late at night, or on the go for those last minute closings that always pop up. I find it assuring to know that I can always rely on TitleVest for the most up-to-date legal information and technological advances. I always recommend TitleVest to the Attorneys and Real Estate Professionals at every closing that I attend!
Beatrice Mikhly, Esq.
Lynch & Associates, LLP

The title of this chapter in my practice book would be "How TitleVest Saved My ..." In the proverbial nutshell, we had a client closing with a suddenly accelerated closing date. One call to TitleVest and all the needed ACRIS forms were (accurately) done and being printed out from my computer just a few minutes after hanging up the phone. Thank you, TitleVest.
Jeff Margolis, Esq.
The Margolis Law Firm

As one of New York City's oldest real estate law firms, we deal with numerous title companies, and have been charged some unrealistically high fees for their ACRIS preparation services. Your company has taken control of a horrendous situation and made simplicity out of chaos. Your service is second to none. Your staff is incredibly knowledgeable and always available to help, and your website is easy to understand and navigate for any computer challenged individual, such as me. Your ACRISasap is the single most useful software I have ever used. My first try at the NYC ACRIS website took me almost 3 hours to enter information, but your program takes me less than 5 minutes to input data in an easy and logical format. Your system makes creating the dreaded E-tax Forms almost fun! The bottom line is that you guys are the best in the business and I wanted to let you know it! Thank you for making my work-life so much easier, for getting me fast, accurate and reliable results for lien searches, title insurance and ACRIS reports at very reasonable fees!
Gerald Levine
John M. Paige, Attorney at Law

I just tried ACRISasap and it couldn't be simpler. Great Job!
Jill Dube, Esq.
Law Office of Jill M. Dube

I wanted to let you know how much I greatly appreciate TitleVest's outstanding service and dedication to getting our growing volume of deals processed and closed as efficiently as possible. In addition to being proactive in clearing title, your staff is always eager and willing to help. It is incredibly reassuring to know that we can turn to TitleVest for all of our New York title insurance needs. Keep up the great work!
Christopher Adams
Unison Site Management LLC

I try to spread the word about TitleVest as much as I can. TitleVest makes the whole process, from ordering to closing so much easier. I honestly don't know which aspect of TitleVest I like the most; the services, the pricing or the incredible staff. Nor do I know where to begin my praise. The website streamlines everything, it's fast, clear and easy to use. I never have to chase down an order, in fact it's usually ready before I even need it-and with no mistakes! But aside from the fantastic product services TitleVest offers, what I find most appealing is the customer service. It's consistently fantastic. To have the ease of the website while knowing that there is always a knowledgeable and friendly voice on the phone when needed is the best of both worlds. I have always received prompt and efficient answers to any questions I have had and always with a smile. With all the title companies out there, TitleVest is a rare find! Premium services at basic rates and a top notch staff to boot! I CAN'T RECOMMEND THEM ENOUGH!
Jeanne Bundrick, Esq.
Law Office of John B. Manning

You run one wonderful operation. Just the fact that you run it as well as you do, that you all are so responsive and upbeat alone, and that it is a fantastic site and title operation/company is amazing to myself and to many of my peers as well. The best website, no doubt - best people. But meanwhile - that you are on the phone with your web developer because of an offhand (but sincere) remark I made, that I wished I had saved my email, or could do so on your site is just beyond amazing to me - looking to do more and better always, and if you do it I know you'll somehow package it in a way that is user friendly and worthwhile. Call me a very satisfied customer and a friend to your company.
Diane Ungar, Esq.
Law Office of Diane E. Ungar

Like my telephone and computer, TitleVest is an indispensable tool for my business.
Joseph Meerbaum
Meerbaum & Company, Inc.

In today's world, even traditionally conservative lawyers are learning the value of using technology to improve their bottom line. Yet, most title companies have failed to keep pace. TitleVest stands out from the pack as an innovator, making my job as an attorney much easier. Combining free access with ever improving cutting edge tools, and ready access with a knowledgeable and helpful staff, TitleVest has earned my enthusiastic support and my business.
Jay Hollander, Esq.
Hollander & Company LLC

In life it is often we hear complaints about service, and it's always easier to complain than applaud. I want you to know that your firm deserves applause! As you know, I recently completed the refinancing of my home, and through the process had questions and concerns relating to the title insurance aspect. Your service is impeccable, the entire staff is extremely accessible, friendly, knowledgeable and a pleasure to work with. I can't say enough good things about you. I would recommend you and your firm to any of my friends, colleagues and clients. I know they too would appreciate your amazing service approach. Thank you and your staff for all your assistance.
Corey Schneider
Sentinel Financial Solutions, Inc.

I have been using TitleVest's document generating software for a while, but with NYC's requirement of filing real estate tax documents using its cumbersome ACRIS system, there is no other way that makes sense to accomplish these filings, other than using TitleVest's ACRISasap. It takes the repetition out of the process and makes it easy to generate the voluminous paperwork required for real estate transactions. It works seamlessly with the City's website.
Diana Gold
Burton Cohen, P.C.

I have received nothing but prompt, courteous, and efficient service, great attention to detail, a comprehensive cadre of services, and great pricing. I am solicited on a weekly basis by companies wanting our business and I can't think of one reason to switch. Keep up the good work!
Jon Biondo, Esq.
Law office of Jon C. Biondo

Wow! I can't thank you enough for your ACRISasap service. And, it's free, no less. You really are to be congratulated.
Ellen Massey, Esq.
Law Offices of Ellen Massey

It has been an extremely pleasurable experience working with TitleVest and we plan on continuing to work with you. Your staff is excellent and always very helpful. I just started taking advantage of your UCC department and have been blown away with how much easier my life has been (the emailed confirmations really do save me so much time). You guys have been doing a great job.
David DiMaulo
The New York Mortgage Company, LLC

Ever since trying TitleVest on one of our acquisitions several years back, my partners and I wouldn't consider using anyone other than TitleVest to handle our title work. You guys are not only extremely knowledgeable and professional, but a real pleasure to work with. Your staff is always going the extra mile to facilitate our sometimes extremely tight timelines for getting deals closed. I highly recommend you to real estate professionals and consumers alike who are looking for an exceptional title company to provide an outstanding level of service, professionalism and integrity.
Lionel Medina
RK Properties

Thank you very much for the excellent work on all my title reports I have ordered...your service is the best so far!! And I look forward to my continued business with your company!
Iris Cajigas
Mid-Atlantic Mortgage Group, Ltd.

In our volume real estate practice, ACRISasap is a timesaver and a lifesaver. The latest additions that allow non-arms-length transfers and prepare the deed and affidavit in lieu of registration make this a truly complete and indispensable program in our office.
Matthew Weinick

I first heard about TitleVest from another attorney at a co-op closing. He told me that you prepare ACRIS forms for only $50.00, which is much less than the fees charged by other title companies. After ordering the ACRIS forms, I was impressed by your technology and I started ordering all of my lien searches from you. Now, I refer all of my colleagues to TitleVest.
Michelle Freudenberger, Esq.
Law Office of Michelle Freudenberger

I am very satisfied with the courtesy, professionalism, and clear and quick responses from you when I call or email you. I am also very satisfied with the easy functionality of your online ordering system. I have been a real estate professional for 20 years now, and I will certainly recommend your services to lawyers, co-op transfer agents and managers, and other real estate professionals. On a scale of 1-10, I would rate your service and team of professionals a 10+! The human factor is definitely a big plus.
Michael Schneider, Esq.

I first became aware of TitleVest by using the Website for ACRIS. This site is very nicely designed, it works great and it saves me a tremendous amount of time. I made a suggestion to improve how the program works and I was quite pleased to see that it was implemented. As I began to speak with people on the phone, everyone I spoke to was very pleasant and competent. The searches I requested came back very quickly, and everything was handled professionally. It is truly a pleasure to speak with people who are pleasant and helpful.
Pat Tracy
Law Office of David A. Linn

Keep up the good work! Not only is your staff knowledgeable, but they are always helpful and courteous!
Lina Newman
Law Offices of Lee J. Mondshein

Everyone I spoke to, without exception was professional and knowledgeable. I cannot tell you how refreshing it is to work with a company where live people answer the phone. THANK YOU. If I had to leave a message, it was promptly returned. Promise me you'll never change.
James Duggan, Esq.
Law Office of James Duggan

TitleVest's ACRISasap is a lifesaver! It saves both an enormous amount of time processing ACRIS forms, but also all the associated headaches as well. It also offers superb customer support. What a fantastic service!
Rachel Mulcahy, Esq.
Rachel I Mulcahy, Attorney at Law

The TitleVest staff and services they provide are the best by far. Its state-of-the-art online accessible ACRIS document preparation is top-notch and saves me time and my clients money. I would recommend them to all real estate professionals.
Tina Palazzo Fairweather, Esq.
Law Office of Tina Palazzo Fairweather

Such speed! Unbelievable service.
Matthew Worner, Esq.
Law Office of Matthew Worner

TitleVest has provided an essential service at an incredibly low price: the completion of the NYC ACRIS forms. Not only is TitleVest efficient and able to handle any mode of communication -email, fax or telephone, but they are pleasant as well. TitleVest makes this burdensome chore added by the NYC Department of Finance a breeze.
Paul Jeselsohn, Esq.
Law Office of Paul Jeselsohn

How can anyone think of going elsewhere for Co-op lien searches and UCC-1 recordings? I am utterly impressed at the consistent speed and service your company offers, all with a high level of professionalism. What impresses me more is that although I imagine that I am one of your smaller clients, I receive a level of service that makes me feel like you only work for my office! Keep up the superb work!
Rajan Patel, Esq.
Law Office of Rajan Patel

Thanks very much for the fast turnaround. I only regret that I've been using other companies for the past ten years.
William Robb, Esq.
Law Office of Willam Robb, Esq.

TitleVest is great! I can't imagine how you can improve any more but you are always improving!
Robert Rubenstein, Esq.
Law Office of Robert Rubenstein